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Take Action Now

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This board is full of ideas on how to succeed by learning to take action now.

Get out a pen and paper or your favorite electronic device and list all the areas of your life – physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual and financial. Once you have that list, start an appraisal. Write down where you are in each of these areas. Then write down where you would like to be in each of these areas.

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The silver lining in all this is that if you fail to take action now because you doubt your ability you can turn things around and start to move forward and accomplish your goals. Jesse Jackson once said, “If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it, you can achieve it.” This statement is key to the idea that you should take action now and have a good appreciation for your abilities.

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Take time to find out what pushes the buttons that make you push buttons and you will succeed at all you attempt. If you don’t know what inspires you to act, it is harder to get up and go!

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Accountability groups are a good source of support, strength and ideas that can help you take your ideas from dream to reality. If you are part of one, make plans to use it more strategically from today forward. If you are not part of one, take this opportunity to join or create one.You will be glad you did.

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It is magnificent to know you should take action now because your dream come true is just around the corner.

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Each day there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of things that we must do. Some things we do without fail. Other things get pushed so far on the back burner they fall off the stove! People often wonder why one set of tasks gets done while another set gets ignored. The difference often comes down to the fact that the set that gets done inspires while the set that doesn’t get done does not. The secret that causes one to take action now is inspiration.

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It is magnificent to take action now and realize it is your dream and you can make it happen. When you take action now you leave the world of “what if” and enter the world of “yes, I am doing this.”

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It is magnificent to take action now and to know you can read a book to learn how. It is important to plan, to research and to prepare for whatever it is you want to do. The problem is that many people spend so much time on those steps that they never get to actually doing the thing that is the cause for all the planning, researching and preparing

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It is magnificent to learn a new way to take action now. At the start of the each new school year, people all over America start thinking about learning new ways to do things. If you are having trouble finding a way to take action now, this is a good time to learn some new tricks.

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