L&D Responses to Change

Metaphors for reaction of L&D to evolution/recognition of workplace learning.

L&D Responses to Change

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I think this says it all...

So your order is 15 workshops, an open learning library and 3 e learning modules.

  • Tom Spiglanin
    Tom Spiglanin


  • Mark Sheppard
    Mark Sheppard

    I've lived this

"I know this is an eyechart, but I'm going to brief it anyway"

"Our topic for today is 'Managing Change'". Please put your cell phones away. I'll give you time to check them when I let you break for lunch at noon."

Learning is pull, training is push.

A little change never hurts anyone. It just can really, really scare (I mean surprise) you.

  • Mark Sheppard
    Mark Sheppard

    Kenny just looks...optimistic now.


Enough said.

"Yes! We need to change! This is going to be great!" - spoken by the trainer who has no intention of actually changing.

Ha Ha Ha... these new technologies are just silly fun

"See? I told you we wouldn't need to change."

  • Jane Bozarth
    Jane Bozarth

    David wins.

  • C4LPT


No! Not change! It's too scary

"You can't learn without a teacher or trainer."

Are we gonna ride the coming wave or watch as it blows past us?

  • C4LPT

    ... or consumes us completely .. without trace?

  • Tom Spiglanin
    Tom Spiglanin

    And if we've been completely marginalized, will anyone know we're missing, let alone care?

  • Kathleen Kruse
    Kathleen Kruse

    We can innovate our way through it -- tow-in surfing let's you ride the guns -- but innovators need to be prepared to take the flack. There are always tradeoffs, eh?

The Exception: "But what about our one guy who doesn't have a smartphone and works alone on a mountaintop in Nepal and only herds brown goats, not spotted goats... ?"

What's the ROI? I need the ROI.

We are already leading our organisation into the future ...

This will block access to those dangerous social media sites.

"Our vendor partners have told us that we need to spend the next 5 years getting all our content online into our LMS before we should start thinking about social stuff. They are going to help us create lots of exciting new courses."

How was I supposed to see changes coming? They keep me in the dark and feed me BS

Yeah! Yeah! We can just not let them access their networks here at work! Yeah!

The most exhausting game ever.

"I'm too busy right now trying to track, manage and evaluate everyone's informal learning."

  • Tom Spiglanin
    Tom Spiglanin

    Hampster on a wheel, love it!

"Why can't we just stop doing new things?"