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Show Your Work: Book Coming May 2014!

Showing Your Work, Working Out Loud

Show Your Work: Book Coming May 2014!

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"My Content Curation Workflow"

My Content Curation Workflow

From David Anderson: "How I Built This Healthy Food Selection Game"

How I Built This Healthy Food Game With Drag-and-Drop

ELC 023: Why You Should Show Your Work

ELC 023: Why You Should Show Your Work

Kathy's gearing up for spring festivals. The tied shirt is really interesting. Sharing tool: Facebook.

Dennis Pearce's dissertation on working out loud uknowledge.uky.ed...

"Visual Stories for Learning" from Connie Malamed.

Case Study: Visual Stories for Learning

How showing your travels can "show your mind". thanks to Connie Malamed -

How Your Travels Around the Internet Expose the Way You Think | WIRED

A reminder that learning takes time and practice. Videos of 82 year old John Simmance's learning progress across 4 months. He says: "Old men, if you wan’t to try something new, don’t listen to the opposition of others (or your own doubts) and just DO IT! You’ll be glad you tried."

Ukes4Fun | banjolele
  • Michelle Ockers
    Michelle Ockers

    Also a reminder to take care with stereotypes about age, learning and use of the internet / social media. Pretty toe-tapping too!

Beaver Builder explains how they developed and launched their business customizing WordPress templates. via Brian Dusablon

2014 in Review: The Beaver Builder Story | Beaver Builder

Trina Rimmer's before & after overview of restoring handbags.

Now available worldwide from Wiley, Amazon, etc. (,,, Amazon.ja...).

Nancy Cavillones @NBCavillones preps to introduce youngsters to sketchnoting. Sharing tool: Twitter.

Kristin Anthony on her first try at showing her work. Sharing tool: Blog.

Showing My Work: Digital Magazine

From Craig Taylor: Using an #Amazon wishlist as a library catalogue #showyourwork #wol. Sharing tool: Picture-in-picture video.

From Jeff Kortenbosch @eLearningJeff Creating a zoom effect in Artculate Studio. Sharing via Picture-in-Picture appsmash .

Creating a Zoom effect in Articulate Studio / PowerPoint

"Loudoun County First Responder Training Prototype" submitted by Joe Ganci. See the "live lrnchat 2014" source board for more.

From Helen Sanderson ‏@HelenHSAUK "#wolweek It's all about sharing your work as it happens and contributing to others @JonHSAUK captured our ideas." Sharing tool: Twitter

Helen Sanderson on Twitter

The eLearning Heroes challenge: Create a resume template.

Creative Resume Templates for E-Learning Portfolios

Ideas for sharing expertise.

10 ways to share your expertise | Valuable Content

A fall caused Adam to break into hundreds of pieces. Here's how the Metropolitan Museum of Art put him back together again. Over 12 years.

Recreating Adam, From Hundreds of Fragments, After the Fall

This is the discussion map from my "Better Powerpoint" session in the NC Certified Training Specialist course. Pleased w my high ratio of ask: tell statements.

  • Alessandra Cimatti
    Alessandra Cimatti

    What does it mean?

  • Jane Bozarth
    Jane Bozarth

    Green counts at top indicate that I asked far more than I 'told'. Pink Xs and dots indicate that I moved around the room and wasn't chained to the projector. Blue arrows indicate that nearly every participant engaged w me. Pink arrows show that they engaged w each other.

From Joachim Stroh: What to share when at work.

Now available worldwide from Wiley, Amazon, etc. (,,, Amazon.ja...).

Teacher Tanya Campbell blogs her French lessons (see link for the blog).

When people won't share...

When Those Who Know Won’t Share -