Hahahahahaha. Boys

Funny Apology Ecard: Sorry that most of my hilarious jokes are borderline inappropriate. And by sorry, I mean you're welcome. by stella< haha


Story of my life. That's true.I'm SO awkward around people i find attractive. I can't seem to look them in the eyes without giggling.he just thinks i'm awkward and this is about someone else.

I have nothing to wear; did you wash my jeans?  underwear???

I can't find my pants! I normally don't approve of baby butt pics but this made me laugh

Snoop Dogg dog

Funny pictures about Snoop Dogg Dog. Oh, and cool pics about Snoop Dogg Dog. Also, Snoop Dogg Dog photos.

Word to your 'mutha.

Ice is back with a brand new edition.I want to do this to the stop sign on my road.

bitches do love libraries

Beauty and the Beast. I' ll get that bitch an library! Beauty and the Beast bitches I' ll get that bitch an library!

Hilarious !

The funny thing is the first time i heard this song i thought of Hans solo.

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