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(cover pic via photogrist) Have you ever tried re-imaging fruits and vegetables? Now, many photographors open their mind to take funny or interesting or beautif

20 Eye-catching Food Styling & Photography

This picture is very cool because it shows how the spiral stairs are sculpted into the pear. It represents spiral in nature.

This must be what Nyan Cat eats for breakfast.

Rainbow Ice Cream by photographer Henry Hargreaves . Rainbow Noodles Rainbow Pancakes Rainbow Burger via: henryhargreaves If you enjoyed this post, Leave comment please! What do you think?

La manzana del amor.

Heart cut-outs - push a small heart cutter into and all over apple, then cut out everything between hearts

So cute!

Kiwi Bear ♥ ♥ ♥ Okay.I know this isn't really a recipe.but the Koala bear out of kiwi was just so stinking cute!

Funny pictures about Watermelon owl. Oh, and cool pics about Watermelon owl. Also, Watermelon owl photos.

'ba baaaah,' says the lil cauliflower sheep.

Funny pictures about Vegetable Poodle . Oh, and cool pics about Vegetable Poodle . Also, Vegetable Poodle photos.

How do high school students perceive college? 83% believe that a high school degree is not enough and plan on getting a college degree

Infographic: How High School Students Perceive CollegeInfographic: How High School Students Perceive College