theridge1979: “ sophisticatedexcellence: “ 2o6: “ exprxss: “ coroneldj: “ (via voguerre, anotherkindoftension) ” ”

Abel Martínez Foronda Really cool what you can do with a few circles.

araknesharem: “ 8001 by Dibujos de Molina on Flickr. ”


araknesharem: “ 8001 by Dibujos de Molina on Flickr. ”

Graphic Design Ideas : – Picture : – Description -Read More –

derrière les yeux bruns

Minimalist Ace of Spades by Tauba Auerbach

sophiemunns: "grrlandog:" Graines et Perles 2011 collage sur toile 40 "x 30" "Eva Isaccson"

'Seeds and Beads' by Seattle-based printmaker & collage artist Eva Isaksen. Collage on canvas, 40 x 30 in. via Duane Reed Gallery

Classy & Fabulous

Detail of Boiler Suit an undulating skin of woven steel panels encasing the boiler house at Guy's Hospital, London designed by Heatherwick Studio

Where Is My Mind, Friends Family, Mario

bwwhitney: “ Oculus World Trade Center Transportation Hub, NYC Architect: Santiago Calatrava ”

Spotlight, Mascaras

Russell Tomlin, "Kinds of dancing" photograph - movement

popham design :: cement tiles :: handmade in morocco SOLD THROUGH ANN SACKS (Maria they made all the cement tile in Bay Head)

“ Rhythm and colors.

Would be amazing in bathroom Art Deco Marble Tiles in Soft Pastels par micklyn

d-aphne:  “ Instagram @ sibelicious following back all from tumblr xx  ”

'After Lowry' hand-painted tiles by Smink Things

behind the brown eyes

behind the brown eyes