Loretta Young, Caygill Summer

Do you love vintage fashion and old Hollywood glamour? Let these famous old Hollywood Actresses give you tips on classic fashion, jewelry, and style.

Grace Kelly, Caygill Summer

Grace Kelly’s Forever Look

beautiful mint satin Edith Head gown for Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly Academy Awards gown designed by Edith Head,

Marlene Dietrich, Caygill Summer

There's a reason it is considered " The Golden Age" of Hollywood. They just don't make real "stars" anymore. :::le sigh::: Oh, we might have some, we just have to look harder!

Greta Garbo, Caygill Summer

Greta Garbo - classic beauty Every one of us lives his life just once; if we are honest, to live once is enough.

Queen Elizabeth, Caygill Summer

Facts About Queen Elizabeth ll

Her Royal Majesty Elizabeth, Queen of England, wearing the Grand Duchess Vladimir tiara, part of the Romanov jewels.

Joan Fontaine, Caygill Summer

Joan Fontaine was born Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland on October She and her (older!) sister, Olivia de Havilland are both still alive and

Anita Louise, Caygill Summer

Probably best known for her role as the Princess de Lamballe in the film adaption of Stephane Zweig's 'Marie Antoinette'

Kate Winslet - Rose Tone Summer (Caygill Method)

Kate Winslet Astrology Chart Kate Elizabeth Winslet Horoscope Zodiac Signs Meaning starnostarmedia - liking it ? click it!

Nicole Kidman - Iridescent Summer (Caygill Method)

Nicole Kidman--love her as a blonde, as a redhead or a brunette, she is so feminine, beautiful & has amazing ringlets and bedroom blue eyes to die for.