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funny celebrity photos

Morgan Freeman -- just love this!

Yes, Oprah really did wear her hair like that. Go 1980s!

There are so many bad photos of her out there. I'm starting to think she's doing it on purpose.

I still love you, David Tennant.

I don't know who blew out your car tire with a crossbow. Honest!

Maybe Donald's face isn't that funny but, oh, how I LOVE the hair!

Way to sing it, Christina!

Even the queen has her moments!

You never let me down, Britney...

This photo will not stop me from loving James Franco.

Ed Westwick - Are you getting ready to sneeze or comment on a hideous outfit?

I'm sorry. Lindsay is too easy a target...

Leonardo DiCaprio looking his best

Britney...again. Lotta bad photos of her out there.

Any guesses on why Miley looks so awkward?

Lady Gaga looking weird -- no costume required!

Hugh Jackman looking hot ... from the neck down