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Leadership futurist. Challenges stereotypes, sacred cows, gender bias & how we think about power. Chocolate, TED, writing, kindness, both/and & shoe lover
Jane Perdue
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7 times when saying "I" is a good thing

7 times when saying "I" is a good thing - LeadBIG

My thoughts on capability

By not focusing on what the world sees as limitations —but looking past to what we want — allows us to reach our own inner potential and capability

The Cheeky Middle

We loved this guest post Bill Treasurer, author of A Leadership Kick in the Ass and January sponsor of the Lead Change Group, shared with The Jane Group recently.

Can you hear me now?

5 leadership responsibilities for effective communication

Opening doors with creativity and chocolate

Insights into how a little bit of creativity (and a serving of chocolate) can create connection

Focus, flip-flops and attention spans

Focus, flip-flops and attention spans

How Savvy Are You About Office Politics?

Guest post from Bonnie Marcus advising women on how to successfully play office politics

Quit Chasing Perfection

5 tips for achieving excellence rather than perfection

Want to be a good person who is powerful, too? Do these 5 things

Getting your leadership practices just right is like traveling the road to Hana. Good and powerful leaders do 5 things on their journey

Ready for a serving of fabulocity?

Don't over emphasize your weaknesses - LeadBIG

Include Girls in the Boy’s Club

5 steps for organizations to increase the role and value of women

5 ways to make workplace conflict less messy

Some measure of conflict is necessary and needed for progress and positive results. Use these 5 tips for embracing diversity of thought and opinion

Will you join in to change a stereotype?

A stereotype we must change is believing that kindness equals weakness. That's so not true.

Do right and do well, too!

The road to you-know-where is paved with you-know-what!