color analysis soft summer (light or deep)

Can be soft summer light or soft summer deep in some systems
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Soft Summer Color Palette @outfitideas4u

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Soft Summer personality by expressingyourtruth on Polyvore featuring polyvore, fashion, style, Sarah Jessica Parker and clothing

Soft Summer personality

Relatedness = Colour Harmony Each tone has a predominant colour dimension (PCD). For True Winter and True Summer the PCD is coolness of hue. For True Autumn and True Spring it is warmth, while for each of the Neutral Tones the PCD is the word found in their title – Soft or Bright (chroma), Dark or Light (value).

Colour and the Human Being - Part 2

color analysis soft summer - You can appear neutral. The same as soft Autumns – only they can wear warm colors better. If you discover a slight more warmth to your complexion you may flow into soft Autumn palette. The soft Summer is a blend of both Summer and Autumn (or Summer “flowing” into Autumn). The effects of this blending of cool and warm is a look that can be very neutral, especially when you look at the skin.

color theory Archives - 30 DAY SWEATER

soft summer

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Soft Summer Green by colorazione on Polyvore featuring polyvore, fashion, style, Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti, Tulle Clothing, Phase Eight, Antoni & Alison, soft summer, colour and green

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Soft Summer Purple by colorazione on Polyvore featuring Acne Studios, AX Paris, Vero Moda, Glamorous, Jasmine, Armani Collezioni, summer, soft summer, purple and soft

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"Yellow Soft Summer" by moni-ssu on Polyvore -- Actually is a quite difficult yellow color to find that is not too bright or warm. But I love it!

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"Soft Summer Red" by colorazione on Polyvore Supposedly, becasue this season is also "autumn influenced," Deep Winters can get away with it...

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"Soft Summer Blue" by colorazione on Polyvore love these blues, not necessarily the styles... #summercolor

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"Gentle Autumn" by expressingyourtruth on Polyvore

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My Soft Summer Black

Diary of a Colour Addict: My Soft Summer Black

palette for a Soft summer

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"Soft Summer" by hollyml on Polyvore. (Watch out for those bold colors, they are inappropriate for Carol).

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Pleated Chiffon V-Blouse

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Lipstick Hydrangea - light pink - light summer, cool summer, soft summer

Lipstick Hydrangea

Lipstick Hollyhock - rich rose - light summer, soft summer, dark winter

Lipstick Hollyhock

Lipstick Heather - soft mauve plum - cool summer, soft summer

Lipstick Heather

Lipstick Foxglove - light soft mauve - light summer, cool summer, soft summer

Lipstick Foxglove

Lipstick Dusty Rose - dusty mauve - soft summer

Lipstick Dusty Rose

Lipstick Carnation - soft rose - light summer, cool summer, soft summer

Lipstick Carnation

Lipstick Alyssum - soft plum - soft summer

Lipstick Alyssum

Soft Summer is a season so many women just flat out envy because it is the very definition of absolute elegance. Out of all three seasons, Soft Summer is the deepest and most muted, Soft Autumn being a very close neighbor. Light Summer colors are too candy-coated and True Summer colors, though deeper, will be too cool.

Seasonal Color Analysis. Part 1 - GlamThings

I have noticed, especially on Soft Summer women, a nail polish with a pearl finish is just beautiful, particularly when combined with their soft colors. This shade is Zoya Deidra:

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B By Donna M

b By Donna M - Clothes to yoga in, live in, breathe in