I remember that when he tells you to write an essay about what you love about him one of the answers is f*ck<<<ASDFGH

I don't really like Undertale much anymore but this is art - Tags: Undertale - Funny - Comic

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http://superwomaniac.tumblr.com/ She brakes her chains ! Absolute Women possess extraordinary superhuman physical powers, which go far beyond the capabilities of ordinary human beings. Physical Growth Augmentation: The big electromagnetic pulse that crossed Earth caused their proportions and muscle density to increase exponentially. Superhuman Strength: Absolute women can lift or press from 100 tons (for a class 3) to 200.000 tons (for a class 1). Superhuman Durability: Absolute Women are…

She’s breaking her chains ! Absolute Women possess extraordinary powers,her looks.

... ;)

My sexy girl Laura Dore who's posed for my mags, SHOW Magazine, Black Men Magazine, SMOOTH Magzine etc. Here she sports the sexy hand bra!

suzicarinapredatora: “letswatchgirls: “ CJ Miles x ” This happy little Mirror Game beginner is getting on so well with her…