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a steamy cup of hot tea or coffee with friends on a chilly Fall afternoon....

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Vintage, vintage ad, vintage advertisement, nostalgia, Northern tissue, pink, 1960

Vintage Household Ads of the 1960s (Page 27)

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According to this definition…. (12 photos)

It certainly is! :D I go from "I want to destroy the World!!" to "Hello! I hope you have a fantastic day!" :D Better than drugs. ;) lol

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Drop Box - Arthur Wheatcraft - Picasa Web Albums

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The Joyous Coffee Percolator (vintage)

The Joyous Coffee Percolator - Roger Wilkerson, The Suburban Legend!

Coffee | コー​​ヒー | Café | Caffè | кофе | Kaffe | Kō hī | Java | Caffeine | Drink Good Coffee, Read Good Books | by Bryan Todd on Behance

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Психолог онлайн. "Психология личного пространства" Razão de viver....

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Pretty coffee cup & beans

{ لا أعبد ما تعبدون }

the day starts with a cup of hot coffee ....

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Random Inspiration 111

these are the best moments

Random Inspiration 111 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

It's a Monday .... Don't forget to take a cup of coffee because its a stressful day.. #coffee #Morning #yulanto

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Drink coffee to get energy to drink more coffee ~~ #coffee #coolstuff #coffeegrinders #coffeecafe

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Browsing Photography on deviantART

Hummmm cafezinho gostoso para você minha vida♥♥


coffee stained cashmere

Airedale dog Coffee company by Stephen Fowler Mug

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If your day doesn't start till the bottom of the coffee pot, you'll adore this rustic marquee, set over your dinette.

Coffee Break Marquee

Love it!

Garnet Hill - Original Clothing, Bedding and Home Decor

Yes, it's coffee time...

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Hartendames...entertainment dat loopt - De Koffiedames

Table setting for French pressed coffee & fresh bread & jam.

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33 Signs That Coffee Owns You... Yup. I have a slight problem; but i really like that shelving idea for mugs. @BLUESKYler

Coffee cup wall. | Euro Home Style


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