Knitted spiral

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10 - Minute Blocks - these look so cool!

10 Minute Blocks-- if use a layer cake makes block. Can use charm packs for smaller blocks. Can use to turn center square on point or make cathedral window!

How to turn "water" into marbles.  What a fun way to make "magic" for the kids.

Change water into marbles in minutes! Its fricking cool! the kids would LOVE this

Pumpkin Pumpkin  a Halloween Song

Tuesday Teaching Tips: Halloween Song. Will you be teaching your students about halloween? Use this short halloween song video to show your students how to cut a pumpkin for halloween.

Sewing Machine Pressure Settings for Machine Quilting

Sewing Machine Pressure Settings for Machine Quilting. Testing thread tension is important, but the foot pressure settings also affect your quilting. Learn how to do a simple test for your specific fabric and batting before you start quilting.

String Art Herz. Could do this as a class activity at the beginning of the year. We're all interconnected.

Simple and colorful Kids Craft Idea - String Art. All you need is string, a wooden board, nails and a hammer.

The correct way to eat a pomegranate. Pin now, watch later.

The correct way to eat a pomegranate - Finally a way to open a pomegranate without a staining mess other help videos also

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