stuff like this is why i love the internet

This is kinda insulting to people who wear glasses. It makes people think your not beautiful if you wear glasses and your a weird nerd. I wear glasses and I get hateful comments like I'm a nerd.

Pretty sure I said that before anyone else did...

Glitter counts as rainbows. And glitter=sparkle which IS my favorite color and I have a tattoo of the chinese symbol for it because I am THAT awesome.

Knee Appalling Tan Flavor

Knee Appalling Tan Flavor

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Relatable Post I pretty much spend all day, every day, just looking forward to going back to sleep. So true and so me.

obviously! ;-)

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: When I win the lottery, all my pin boards become reality. Everything will be delicious, covered in glitter, made out of pallets, and look effing amazing.

Can't stop laughing

Time goes by…

"It turns out that my [childhood] birthdays were crazier than my

ma life errerday

the most relatable thing I've ever read! I watch friends almost non stop

That's hilarious...gotta have eyeliner!

That's hilarious and completely true. I was a mess this morning because I forgot and my makeup bag was in my gym bag. YOU HAD BETTER BELIEVE that when I arrived at work I was putting on eyeliner!

I want to be buried....

I want to be buried in the middle of nowhere in a spring-loaded casket filled with some confetti so future archaeologists have one hell of a day at work

Funny pictures about Stan Lee. Oh, and cool pics about Stan Lee. Also, Stan Lee.

Never an orange.

Love is when someone asks for a starburst and you give them a pink or a red one. Brief acquaintance is when you ask for a starburst and you give them an orange one. Pure hatred is when someone asks you for a starburst and you give them a yellow one.

I'm always polite about it.

wtf: Just because I swear. Doesn't mean I don't have manners. I say "Please" when I tell you to fuck off.