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Infographic and Map Delights

Infographic and Map Delights

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Infographic: Is Your States Highest-Paid Employee A Coach? (Probably)

If General Electric paid its fair share in taxes this April like the rest of us, what services could our communities provide?

Federally-owned lands in the United States via @Janette Kim


Income and Carbon Emissions of Power Plants

"FlowingData is the visualization and statistics site of Nathan Yau. I highlight how designers, programmers, and statisticians are putting data to good use. This is my playground."

map of different green initiatives in NYC

Tourist Map of NJ showing prisons and juvenile delinquent "homes."

Global Poverty Map

Electricity Production Map

shocking stat from wwf amo ecofys report

proposed global energy grid by amo

dymaxion map shows in new amo research

Kim Dingle: United Shapes of America:Dingle asked teen-aged school kids in Las Vegas to draw the United States of America.

CUP: What is Affordable Housing?