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A towel and a hard floor are all you need for this butt-busting low-friction workout from Pumps & Iron.

The Butterfly Pose works your abs, pelvic floor and inner thighs.

Balancing Act Targets rectus abdominis and transversus abdominis Lie faceup on mat and bend knees into chest to place a single yoga block atop soles of flexed feet; place arms on floor slightly out to sides and slowly extend legs straight up. MAKE IT EASIER: Do not use block. Without rocking, slowly lift hips a few inches off mat and then lower them. Do 2 to 3 sets of 10 reps.


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ATTENTION ALL GIRLS: We ALL know that the lower stomach is one of the very hardest places to burn fat and tone. These are some terrific exercises to do in the morning and at night to burn those hard to tone areas! Do this every morning when you wake up, and every night before you sleep. I suggest 20 reps of each but take it slow until you get use to it!

Don't wish, work!

10 weight loss commandments...

Your body is the proof. Eat better. Live better.

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100% true

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This website is FULL of great workouts and fitness workout bible!