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Foodie Infographics

Foodie Infographics

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3 Ingredient Passover Brisket by Matt Lubchansky, saveur #Beef #Brisket #Passover #Easy

Recipe Comix: A Brisket with Secret Sauce | SAVEUR
  • Bradie Ormond
    Bradie Ormond

    I love the graphic novel recipe!

How to Prep Veggies Quickly and Easily by cooksmart: Click on the fruits and vegetables below to be taken to a library of how-to videos and recipes to help you learn the best way to enjoy them in your life. Healthy has never been so easy (and so fun!). #Cooking_Techniques #Vegetable_Prep

Fruits and Vegetable Prep and Cooking Guide - Cook Smarts

'6 Girl Scout cookies you thought you were getting but aren't.' by latimes #Girl_Scout_Cookies

6 Girl Scout cookies you thought you were getting but aren't

Prunus cerasus: Sour cherry is closely related to the sweet cherry (Prunus avium), but has a fruit that is more acidic, has greater nutritional benefits, and may have greater medicinal effects. Image credit: Franz Eugen Köhler, Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen - List of Koehler Images

Prunus cerasus

How to Make Preserved Lemons by sfgirlbybay: A condiment that is common in Indian Cuisine, North African cuisine, and especially Moroccan cuisine.The pulp of the preserved lemon can be used in stews, soups and sauces, but it is the peel (zest and pith together) that is most valued. The flavor is mildly tart but intensely lemony. #Preserved_Lemons

food for thought: got lemons? / sfgirlbybay
  • Stacia Lay
    Stacia Lay

    They are in the fridge right now!!

Ramen Hacks by lifelessons.ziploc: Here's a quick meal using some instant ramen and leftovers from your fridge. #Ramen_Hacks

5 instant ramen recipe upgrades
  • Zeta Dowdy
    Zeta Dowdy

    Christy Eliasek this is life-changing

How to Grill Veggies by #Infographic #Grilling_Veggies

How to Grill Vegetables Like a Pro
  • Melissa Forlano
    Melissa Forlano

    The asparagus preparation is incorrect, you should grill it before you add oil and salt and pepper, it the retains it's beautiful woody flavour.

How to Make Green Tea Smoothies by eatingwell #Infographic #Smoothies #Green_Tea #Healthy

How to Use & Properly Maintain Your Precious Cast Iron Skillet by Yumi Sakugawa #Infographic #Cast_Iron_Skillet

How to Use & Properly Maintain Your Precious Cast Iron Skillet
  • Candace Burckhardt
    Candace Burckhardt

    Mary Kissinger - Here you go. Info on what to do if rust on your pan.

Sugar Swap by swansonvitamins: How to Replace Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners with Healthier Sugar Alternatives. #Infographic #Sugar_Alternatives

  • Gabrielle Davis
    Gabrielle Davis

    Heather Lynn

  • Mo

    Thanks Patrick ... I really needed this. .. newly diagnosed diabetic.

  • Marty Page
    Marty Page

    All these subs ARE SUGAR!

High Protein Foods List for Vegetarians by alternative-energy-gardning: Spinach, Goji Berries, Figs, Brazil Nuts, Avocado, Sprouts, Kale, Broccoli, Maca Roots, Cauliflower, Almonds, Romaine Lettuce, Asparagus, Peas, Sweet Potato, and Mushrooms. #Infographic #Plant_Proteins

Alternative Gardning: High Protein Foods List for Vegetarians
  • Bob Munro Canada
    Bob Munro Canada

    I can relate to this infographic , eating more avocado and nuts has cut my carb cravings .

Top 10 Flax Seeds Health Benefits... #Flax_Seeds

How to Stop Farting Fast by Using Natural Remedies for Gas
  • Nicky Lin
    Nicky Lin

    I read recently that flax seeds are estrogenic. More so than soy...

  • Dena Kahle
    Dena Kahle

    This is a link to stop farting, by the way... Check your links!!

  • Kathrine Maston
    Kathrine Maston

    Hi @Jane Wang, I really like this board and I would love to be part of this community. Could you please invite me so I can contribute with more pins? Thank you very much in advance

The Flavor Connection Taste Map by Jan Willem Tulip, #Infographic #Flavor_Map #Taste_Map

Box 1 : The Food Issue : Scientific American

Perfect Your Salad by lifehacker via huffingtonpost: Tried-and-true flavor pairings that balance primary tastes for a satisfying meal. #Infographic #SatisfyingMeals #Salad

This Infographic Gives You Substitutes for Common Ingredients by ereplacementparts #Infographic #Food_Substitutions

This Infographic Gives You Substitutes for Common Ingredients

Make a Toast by loku #Infographic #Champagne_Cocktails

A Guide To Champagne Cocktails |
  • Lola Pérez P
    Lola Pérez P

    Judith Bay justo tu cuadra, my friend

  • Judith Bay
    Judith Bay

    Tendré que poner todas en práctica

Herb Your Enthusiasm - Culinary Herbs Infographic by herbalacademnyofne #Infographic #Herbs

Using Flavorful Culinary Herbs

Best Vegan Protein Sources: The Definitive Guide to Plant Based Protein by yurielkaim #Infographic #Plant_Based_Protein

Knife Skills Infographic Part 1 by illustratedbites #Infographic #Knife_Skills

Knife Skills |
  • Joe Mr. Big
    Joe Mr. Big

    Thanks for the tip

Knife Skills Infographic Part 2 illustratedbites #Infographic #Knife_Skills

Cut Right! | Illustrated Bites

Steps to a Sensational Smoothie by Laura Stanton, washingtonpost #Infographic #Smoothie

Steps to a sensational smoothie

Simple Holiday Detox by thesparkle #Detox #Simple #Holiday

how to: simple holiday detox | the sparkle
  • Marlene Springer
    Marlene Springer

    Danielle Gilman

Holiday Recipe Food Swaps by heandsheeatclean: Save calories and make it healthier...#Infographics #Food_Swaps

  • Annette Felix
    Annette Felix

    But coconut oil has many benefits to health.

  • Judy Graff
    Judy Graff

    Yes... the brain and body needs good fat to function properly. :) Happy Holiday, All.

  • Kristina Curtiss
    Kristina Curtiss

    I like that "just eat real food" as if coconut isn't real food. It's delicious and healthier oil.

  • Kate El Idrissi
    Kate El Idrissi

    It is - but I think the perception is that oh it's lower in fat and it's not, its the same or higher... nothing wrong with good old butter in moderation..

  • MntnLvr

    I cooked pancakes with Coconut oil, just stay away from the hydrogenated oils, and yes in moderation.

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Infographic: Everything You Need to Know about Food and Happiness by happify via thedailymeal: Eating together and cooking together (and choosing butter over margarine) can keep you and your family happier in the long run. #Infographic #Food #Happiness

  • Cheri Medlin
    Cheri Medlin

    Love this