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Clug: Tiny, minimalistic bike mount. #Bike_Mount

Found: Clug – The World’s Smallest Bike Rack

Running Buddy "Buddy Pouch": Connects to any waistband with secure magnets. Holds your cell phone, credit card and more. #Gear #Running_Pouch #Magnetic

Robot Check

MIMOSAS -are- always an option tee. #Tee

MIMOSAS -are- always an option t shirt
  • J O
    J O

    Selena Anazzette ;)

  • Selena Anazzette
    Selena Anazzette

    Lol! Need this!!

MacBook: 12-inch, two-pound, whisper-thin, totally redesigned, Retina display. via #MacBook

Apple's Big Event: Everything You Need to Know | WIRED

iPin: Laser Presenter for iPhone, iOS & Android | Indiegogo: It is so small, it fits almost completely inside the headphone minijack. Together with the free iPin app, you can wirelessly control presentation slides on your computer right from your phone #iPhone #Laser_Pointer

iPin: Laser Presenter for iPhone, iOS & Android

Compassion is a universal virtue, but is it innate or taught? Have we lost touch with it? Can we be better at it? In this hour, TED speakers explore compassion: its roots, its meaning and its future. #Compassion #Podcast #TED #NPR

Just A Little Nicer

The Adventure Begins Aluminum Lunch Tin by Wild & Wolf #Lunch_Box

The Adventure Begins Aluminum Lunch Tin

Daypack by topodesigns: Retro modern favorite! #Daypack

Daypack | Topo Designs - Daypacks Made in Colorado, USA

Harvey Messenger Bag by filson: Rain-resistant camera bag with removable cushioned insert. #Camera_Bag #Cross_Body

Harvey Messenger Bag

Wake Up North America by teespring: Wake Up is an international movement launched by Zen master, peace activist and poet Thich Nhat Hanh. Wake Up's vision is to provide support for young people to create communities and practice the art of mindfulness together in the midst of everyday life. #Wake_Up #Tee #Thich_Nhat_Hanh

Wake Up North America

1950's ESCAPE Canvas Bag by forestbound #Bag #Escape

1950's ESCAPE Canvas Bag - FORESTBOUND
  • Suzanne Abbott
    Suzanne Abbott

    Love this!!!

  • Ezckimo

    I just read this like Dory from Finding Nemo

  • Angie Hanc
    Angie Hanc

    @Ezckimo, so did I! lol

  • Sue Rockwood
    Sue Rockwood

    Ha, ha, if it only were as easy as grabbing the bag and running away!

Tricera Hi-Tops by Arcaix Laboratories: Available in sizes for kids and adults. #Shoes #Triceratops

  • Valérie D.
    Valérie D.

    They kind of look like Biff's boots in Back to the Future 3 hahaha

  • Tracy Belser
    Tracy Belser

    This has major written all over it.

  • Taylor

    Wow!!! That's extreme Amanda Broughton (Murphy)

Keith Haring #Tee


Give 'em Kale by #Tee #Kale

  • Cristie Papa
    Cristie Papa

    Constance Militello

  • Laura Cox
    Laura Cox

    Ha ha This made me laugh Sayoko Lynn

  • Emily Kate
    Emily Kate

    Yum!!! LeAnne Mansberger

  • Erin Hammer
    Erin Hammer

    Rebecca Thoumie I so need this shirt!!

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I have mixed drinks about feelings #Tee

I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings
  • Sarah Tongier
    Sarah Tongier

    Marci Bocox

  • Meagan Freeman
    Meagan Freeman

    Looove this! Tiffany Wilkinson

  • Dalay A
    Dalay A

    Mona Buenrostro lol

  • Jennifer Van Dyke
    Jennifer Van Dyke

    Megan Lawson

  • Romeotees

    Hey Jane I'd love to have u on board!!! wanna join?

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Pluto by lookhuman #Tee #Pluto

Pluto | HUMAN | T-Shirts, Tanks, Sweatshirts and Hoodies
  • Autumn Taylor
    Autumn Taylor

    It's been "reinstated". So we have 9 again. lol

  • Lesley Baker
    Lesley Baker

    That's what I was thinking, Autumn. "Wait a second..."

  • Chris Galligani
    Chris Galligani

    Helen Medina awwwww... Sorry wifey.

  • Becah

    Sara W :-(

  • Brittainy Harris
    Brittainy Harris

    Amy Galloway - awesome!

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Ocoee Watershed Zipdry Submersible Duffle #Gear #Bag #Waterproof

Dry Bags: Ocoee

Ocoee Padded Liner: Great for camera gear. 8 oz. #Gear #Photography #Waterproof_Bag

Dry Bags: Ocoee Padded Liner

Sun Smart UV Safety Infographic by #Infographic #Sun_Protection #Sunglasses #Eye_Health

Sun Smart UV Safety Infographic

Protect Your Eyes From the Sun by The Vision Council via momspotted #Infographic #Sun_Protection #Eye_Health

How to Foam Roll Like a Pro by greatist #Infographic #Foam_Roller

How to Foam Roll Like a Pro
  • Anita Ellis
    Anita Ellis

    I used one of these in physical therapy this morning!

  • Sarah VanGeison
    Sarah VanGeison

    Sweet, thanks Ariel Benoit !

How to Choose Sunglasses to Flatter Your Face by Amna Hashmi, #Sunglasses #Frames

Eye Candy – The Express Tribune
  • Alison Wenzel
    Alison Wenzel


How to Choose Sunglasses by A great article about lens material, tint, coatings, construction, polarized lenses, UV and visual light transmission, hinges, nose pieces and fitting tips! i

Native Eyewear Bigfork Polarized Sunglasses - Men's

Sada Bike is spokeless and folds down to the size of an umbrella. via damngeeky #Bicycle

Sada Bike: Hub-less bike that folds to the size of an umbrella