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'Zip' Gun, This Hand-Held Self-Maneuvering Unit was used by astronaut Ed White in the first American "spacewalk" (free space extra-vehicular activity, EVA), on Gemini 4, June 3, 1965. It is an integral unit that contains its own high pressure metering valves and nozzles required to produce controlled thrust. A camera is mounted on the front of the unit. #Gemini_4 #Zip_Gun #NASA

World's First Knitted Football Boot by Adidas #Football_Boot

iPhone 5 vs GoPro by Ben Boswell, dxomark: The key to understanding the GoPro results is the extremely wide angle of its lens (170°) compared to that of a typical smartphone camera (70°).This wide angle is very important for an action camera that can be helmet-mounted. It may record an entire event before the user can look at the video. However, it makes some specifications easier to achieve, and some much more difficult... #Video #GoPro #iPhone_5

Nordic Grip Mini: Smart. The Nordic Grip Mini is developed to especially for those who don’t usually wear ice grips. #Ice_Grips

OP/TECH USA 18" Rainsleeve (Set of 2) 9001132 via bandhphto: $6.49 for a set of 2. #Photography #Camera #Rainsleeve

Which memory card should I buy? by Jenna Gregory, whatdigitalcamera #Photography #Memory_Cards

  • Joni E K Pockl

    Stay away from SCAN DISC. IF YOU FAIL to safely remove them as the instructions indicate you lose everything. They even came out with a 70 dollar recovery program . Burn job. I'd stick with Sony or amd

  • Alex

    Sandisk? Never had a problem with them. Been using them for years.

  • Joni E K Pockl

    All I ever had were problems ....

IVALO-L BUGrip by icebug: Outsole with dynamic carbide tip studs gives confidence on ice but walks completely civilized on pavement and other surfaces. #Boots #Winter #Traction #Icebug

Certo Bugrip by icebug via wsj: Sneakers that were born to run on ice with 17 carbide-topped spikes in its sole. #Running_Shoes #Ice

GS Mini by taylorguitars :A scaled-down GS that’s anything but small. Body Width: 14 3/8" / Body Depth: 4 7/16" / Body Length: 17 5/8" #Guitar #GS_Mini

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera, popphoto: Great party camera. #Photography #Camera #Film #Instant

Crispy Berbere Chicken with Ethiopian Lentils by feastingathome #Chicken #Lentils

  • Amy Del Prete

    I also very much enjoyed Cutting for Stone and I shall remember it when I try your recipe which looks delish!

Zagg Folio for iPad Air via gigaom #iPad_Air #Keyboard #Zagg

ICE FLY by Edea, Skates US #Ice_Skates

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Pebble Steel Smartwatch via mashable: Stainless steel band or leather strap, magnetic connector, Corning Gorilla Glass. #Tech #Smart_Watch

  • Christine Kerr

    How funny you posted this right husband just ordered one today! He's been interested in these for awhile now...hope it's worth it!!

Echo Design Men's Plated Headphone Hat: Don't let Old Man Winter stop the music! So cozy! Thanks to @Elizabeth Lockhart Silbermann ! #Hat #Headphones

5 Clever Ways to Keep Your Old iPad from Gathering Dust by digitaltrends: Turn it into a digital photo frame, Use it as a home camera monitor, control your home, use it as a second computer monitor or maybe best of all, bequeath it. Thanks to @Ben Silbermann ! #iPad #Upcycle

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    We use ours in the kitchen for recipes and music. It is slow, but works like a dandy for these little jobs.

St. Louis by unitedpixelworkers which was born of the simple idea that designers and developers are proud of not only their work, but where they live. #T_Shirt #United_Pixel_Workers

Olympus OM-D E-M1 by Ming Thein: 10 minutes under a hot shower while powered on, sitting in about 1cm of standing water. All whilst intermittently shooting a frame or two, and no ill effects whatsoever afterwards. Impressive, to say the least. #Camera #Olympus_OM_D_E_M1