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Patterns And Proportions

Patterns And Proportions

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Partial facade of the Corbusier House in Berlin Germany by Steven Coppenbarger, 500px #Photography #Architecture #Corbusier #Berlin

Corbusier House Berlin

Somewhere over Ohio by Tim Gage #Photography #Aerial_Photography #Patterns

Fence and Snow by Neil Johnson #Photography #Patterns

Fence & snow. « Present&Correct
  • Michelle Rodriguez
    Michelle Rodriguez

    Reminds me off Chicago

Skylines by dennisduinker #Photography #Cityscape


Skylines by Dennis Duinker who connects the dots in his black and white Skylines series of Rotterdam landscapes, unveiling a geometric puzzle in the sky above the towering architecture. Using a motion blur, he brings the city up to speed with an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines. via visiualnews #Photography #Cityscape

Skylines by dennisduinker #Photography


Vertical Horizon by Romain Jacquet-Lagreze #Illustration #Architecture #Photography

Vertical Horizon by Romain Jacquet-Lagreze #Illustration #Architecture #Photography

RJL photographs / artworks - Vertical Horizon

Brett Weston (1911-1933) #Photography #Digital_Art #Surrealism

Underwater Ocean, Indonesia by Hengki Koentjoro via thisiscolossal: What is this? #Photography #Underwater

Colossal | An art, design, and visual culture blog.
  • Julie Martens
    Julie Martens

    Amazing idea

  • Cam Morrison
    Cam Morrison


  • Citra Dewi Wirawan
    Citra Dewi Wirawan

    yes, it's a coral ♥

  • Jane Wang
    Jane Wang

    Thanks to Citra Dewi Wirawan!

  • AiBella Mathis
    AiBella Mathis

    almost looks like a sea anemone

Fungi by Warren Krupsaw, #Photography #Fungus

  • Melissa Michelle
    Melissa Michelle

    at first glance, I thought this was bacon.

  • Elizabeth Fay
    Elizabeth Fay

    Love fungi as so much can be done with them!

Nautilus shell cut in half by Chris 73, wikimedia: The chambers are clearly visible and arranged in a logarithmic spiral, ( a special kind of spiral curve which often appears in nature first described by Descartes and later extensively investigated by Jacob Bernoulli, who called it Spira mirabilis, "the marvelous spiral". #Nautilus #Logarithmic_Spiral

Scales by Steven Womack #Pillow

Scales Throw Pillow by Steven Womack | Society6

Geogami Cushion by #Cushion #Origami

Snurk beddengoed - Geogami Cushion Blue-Green
  • Saskia Gijselhart
    Saskia Gijselhart

    Its SNURK means snore and beddengoed means bedding and nl stands for the Netherlands.

  • Jane Wang
    Jane Wang

    Saskia Gijselhart Thanks : )

  • Johny Tang
    Johny Tang

    Can make me a contributor please?

Dahlia , localhoneyshop.blogspot #Dahlia #localhoneyshop_blogspot

My Opera is now closed - Opera Software
  • nancy dolce
    nancy dolce

    Beautiful colors.

  • Jodie Davis
    Jodie Davis

    Wow! Mother Nature is amazing! (She may have had a little human hand hybridizng help, but still... )

  • June Michael
    June Michael

    Sacred Geometry-the language of the Creator

  • April Matthews
    April Matthews

    I love how different things can look with a different perspective!

  • AlyZen Moonshadow
    AlyZen Moonshadow


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Snails via expressionsrealia #Snail #expressioinsrealia

  • Lisa Elley Art
    Lisa Elley Art

    Simple & interesting

  • beyond bliss
    beyond bliss


  • April Matthews
    April Matthews

    Hard to improve on nature and simplicity

  • Emre Calikoglu
    Emre Calikoglu

    thanks to God, for these wonderful creatures...

  • Arran curtain House
    Arran curtain House

    Beautiful shape & colours

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Colors by Bert#'s: Take in North Holland, NL #Colors #Photography #Holland #Bert_#_s

  • Sara Bittner
    Sara Bittner

    its the museum of image and sound in Hilversum. its basically an interactive museum of the history of television in holland

  • LeeWood He
    LeeWood He


Berlin 055 by klara.kristina #Photography #Architecture #Berlin #klara_kristina

Balloons via thingsninamightlike #Photography #Balloons

balloon art | erin's blog for nina
  • Allyson Ethier
    Allyson Ethier

    ouu. pretty

  • Hailey Allen
    Hailey Allen


  • Nickole Hite
    Nickole Hite

    This is what I wanted at my wedding reception! The odd ceiling wouldn't accomodate. Love it!

Beetle Circle by Christopher Marley #Insects #Beetle_Circle #Christopher_Marley #Illustration

Modern Beetles: The Art of Christopher Marley | Decor Hacks
  • Jennifer Shortall
    Jennifer Shortall

    @Jane Wang: is it necessary for me to ♥ everything you pin??? sheesh.

  • Karen Hess
    Karen Hess

    Beautiful! The kids did a bug collection once and there are alot of cool bugs out there folks!

  • Nicole Foster
    Nicole Foster

    That's pretty amazing

  • Reesa Jones
    Reesa Jones

    Danielle Bennett

  • Belle Colquett
    Belle Colquett

    these are beatles....

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Pattern of Akule, Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, 2002 by Wayne Levin via audubonmagazine #Photography #Akule #Hawaii #Wayne_Levin #audubonmagazine

Art School | Audubon Magazine
  • Vicki Willis
    Vicki Willis

    I like the idea of taking patterns from things underwater as they are rarely seen.

Is He Still There by Lorenzo Menendez: Gecko on Holualoa Big Island, Hawaii, nationalgeographic #Lorenzo_Menendez #nationalgeographic #Gecko #Photography #Hawaii #Big_Island

Nature - Week 2 Gallery - National Geographic Photo Contest 2011

Scanning Electron Micrograph (SEM) of an Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory Silicon Microchip by Brandon Brill via green-buss #SEM #Microchip #Brandon_Brill

20 Most Amazing Microscope Shots Pictures !!!!
  • Patty Gray
    Patty Gray


Penrose Tile - Helsinki, Finland via eschertile #Tile #Penrose_Tile #Helsinki #eschertile

Penrose tile, Aperiodic tiling, Science Centers

The British Museum. Photo by gualtiero via Flickr via museumist. #British_Museum #Photography #gualtiero #Fkickr #museumist

  • Loba M
    Loba M