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Where to Put It

Where to Put It

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DIY Entryway Shoe Organizer by stylebyemilyhenderson: Thanks to Elizabeth Silbermann ! #Storage #Shoe_Rack

Customize It... Entryway Shoe Organizer
  • Donna Marie Barr
    Donna Marie Barr

    Great idea!

  • Marco Ramos
    Marco Ramos

    Esperanza Ramos-Barajas

  • Natalia H.
    Natalia H.

    cant believe this white wall isnt getting dirty!

  • Kristen Self
    Kristen Self

    Your wall would be filthy!

Lego Lounge by Jeffrey Pettetier via houzz: 'Since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved Lego,” says Seattle architect Jeffrey Pelletier. “It’s probably the reason I’m an architect now — it just inspired me.” #Interior_Design #Storage #Lego

Houzz Tour: A Home Built for Legos
  • Moira Fitzkee
    Moira Fitzkee

    Omg!!! My dream Lego storage.

Utensil Drawer by WoodWorks INC via houzz #Kitchen #Storage

The 15 Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas on Houzz
  • Maxine Watson
    Maxine Watson

    WOW best kitchen idea ever!

  • Stephanie Allen
    Stephanie Allen

    I have this drawer! It's amazing!

  • Debbie Harrison
    Debbie Harrison

    I want this!!

  • Victoria Fritsche
    Victoria Fritsche

    I so need this

  • Aruna Lilauwala
    Aruna Lilauwala

    Love this - wish I'd seen this before I had my kitchen renovated

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Stainless Steel Bain Marie Pots by houzz: These pots, which are great for warming up and keeping food warm, are also handy for holding utensils and other small kitchen accessories. #Kitchen #Storage

  • Debi

    Just an can get these at your local restaurant supply for much less than you'll pay at retail store!

DIY Skinny Sliding Pantry by classyclutter #DIY #Storage #Pantry

DIY Canned Food Organizer Tutorial - Build your own! -
  • Bethanne Puffert
    Bethanne Puffert

    I want this!

  • Annamarie Castro
    Annamarie Castro

    I want one too

  • Trecia Petersen
    Trecia Petersen

    I am so making this.

  • Cinzia Giambrone-Diegel
    Cinzia Giambrone-Diegel

    I'm making this

  • Carol Brown
    Carol Brown

    I would love one of these.

Staircase Storage by MRKTX, Mark Przyrembel Interior via architiezer #Storage #Staircase

Yahoo Search - Images
  • Bethanne Puffert
    Bethanne Puffert

    So cool. Makes me wish i had stairs.

  • Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions QLD
    Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions QLD

    Great use of space!

Build a Behind Closet Door Storage by ana-white #DIY #Storage

  • Penny Greenler
    Penny Greenler

    I'm thinking that might work on my pantry doors...

Organizing with Tiffany by zoemusing #Shopping_Bags #Upcycle

Organizing with Tiffany
  • Yvonne Buchanan
    Yvonne Buchanan

    I would use Godiva bags. gold-yum

  • Robin O.
    Robin O.

    I love to save all the cute little bags, the ones you mention, oh Coaches are such cool striped colors. I also have fondness for all those that tie w/cross-grain ribbons! Dang I know so many more, right now just been very long day.

  • Becky Gruba-Mcconkey
    Becky Gruba-Mcconkey

    Such a fun idea-and a GREAT way to reuse all those bags!

  • Debbie Wilkins
    Debbie Wilkins

    Great idea, now I have a good reason to keep them.

Hallway Storageby housetohome: Cubbies which everyone in the family can reach! #Storage #Cubbies #Stairs #housetohome

Honeycomb Wall Storage by bloq via housetohome: Available in 3 sizes in a variety of woods. #Storage #Honeycomb #Bloq #housetohome

Shoe Storage Goes Vertical by addspacetoyourlife: 'We mounted a towel rod from the ceiling and hung 4 hanging shoe bags, plus a flip flop hanging device. In about 24 inches of horizontal space, we made room for 40 pairs of shoes and 6 pairs of flip flops. We also mounted hooks on the empty wall for scarves, hats, and purses.' #Shoe_Storage #addspacetoyourlife

  • Meyru Yahya
    Meyru Yahya

    what are the scarves hanging on and where can I get one of those contraptions?

  • Cheryl Sprague
    Cheryl Sprague

    @ Sandy Sprague

  • Beautiful Soles
    Beautiful Soles


Look Above the Door by apartmenttherapy: Especially for small spaces! #Storage #Small_Spaces #apartmenttherapy

Small Space Storage Solution: Look Above the Door
  • Tammara Mills
    Tammara Mills

    Love the bookshelf. Not sure I could stand all the white though.

  • Lisa Jensen
    Lisa Jensen

    why not use all the space you can?

  • Diane Parker
    Diane Parker

    Great use of space!

  • Penny Garza
    Penny Garza


  • Denise Barnett
    Denise Barnett

    did this, and loven it

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Vintage Suitcase Drawers by James Plumb via blessthisstuff: Inspiration for a DIY? #Suitcase_Drawers #James_Plumb #blessthisstuff

  • Afton Tarin
    Afton Tarin


  • Svetlana Barać
    Svetlana Barać


  • Laurie Goodell
    Laurie Goodell

    Would love this - where are the suitcases?

  • Judy Barber
    Judy Barber

    Why did I just get rid of some suitcases??? Genius...

  • Sandy Clicks and Prints Web Design & Logo Svc
    Sandy Clicks and Prints Web Design & Logo Svc


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Boxes on Walls by minhafilhavaicasar via babble #Storage #minihafilhavaicasar #babble

  • Laura Prado
    Laura Prado

    Elisa Prado de Assis veja!

  • Elisa Prado de Assis
    Elisa Prado de Assis

    Laura Prado fofo! gostei das cores!

  • Jennifer Jarvinen
    Jennifer Jarvinen

    How clever and looks great!

  • Shawnise Hippensteel
    Shawnise Hippensteel

    Love it!!

  • Gina Minton
    Gina Minton

    Nice one. It's a great idea.

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Under Sink Storage by jengrantmorris.blogspot: Love the tension rod for hanging the spray bottles! #Storage #Under_Sink_Storage #jengrantmorris_blogspot

a thousand words: Under my sink
  • Gina Heckman
    Gina Heckman

    I did this and I love it

  • Vilma de Garcia
    Vilma de Garcia

    Great idea!

  • Beverly Solomonic
    Beverly Solomonic

    love it, doing it today

  • Joy Helm
    Joy Helm

    I love this under the kitchen sink

  • Crystal Parker
    Crystal Parker

    Great idea! Gonna have to try this

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Under Cabinet Knife Rack by localkitchenblog: Great idea! #Knife_Storage #localkitchenblog

Space Solutions: Under-Cabinet Knife Rack
  • Amber N Paul Welch
    Amber N Paul Welch

    probably wouldn't stand to awfully long under here!

  • Jennifer Topping
    Jennifer Topping

    Yeah, position + gravity = stitches! Not for me...

  • Jennifer Topping
    Jennifer Topping

    Yeah, position + gravity = stitches! Not for me...

  • Sheila Dryden
    Sheila Dryden

    No thanks, can't get my knives to stay on magnetic strip when they are right side up so don't think this would be that great an idea

  • Sacha Owen-williams
    Sacha Owen-williams

    i don't trust this not to fall and skewer anything that's under it

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retro clothing great idea.... shelf to clothing hanger

Easy Shelving Ideas: Tips for Home Organization
  • Jennie Yuan
    Jennie Yuan

    This would be great for the basement bathroom/laundry-room combo's for the towels and the hanged clothes to dry.

  • Margaret Lindsey
    Margaret Lindsey

    Such a great idea, love it

  • Vera Lucia Skarnulis
    Vera Lucia Skarnulis

    excelente idéia

  • Betty Gallentine
    Betty Gallentine

    What a neat idea, will try this thanks!

  • Stylebook Closet App
    Stylebook Closet App

    this is an amazing idea for a folding table in the laundry room!

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Picture Rail Shoe Rack
  • Barbara Morton
    Barbara Morton

    I picked up some rods at IKEA for 1.99 and 2.99 various lengths. You can get S hooks and hang purses, jewelry and other items from it.

  • Donna Sopper
    Donna Sopper

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing such a great tip.

  • Nikki Woodruff
    Nikki Woodruff

    I love this idea!

  • ariseneida

    Great idea! Now I can have more space for more shoes!!

  • ShoeTotes

    Great idea. Now just add a pair of ShoeTotes shoe bags to the picture, pack and go. Come visit my board!

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Easy Clean Knife Grabbers: Saves space, protects the blades and keeps them in sight but out of the way. #Knife_Grabber

Dalton-Ruhlman Easy Clean Knife Grabbers
  • Lynne Ninas
    Lynne Ninas

    We had one of these at a restaurant where I worked. It was great!

  • Evelyne Giannantonio
    Evelyne Giannantonio

    They are great for a craft room as well!

  • Ruth Chabane
    Ruth Chabane

    I have one of these in my kitchen, it's the best idea to get your knives out the drawer and also if you don't have counter space, which I don't, its a great space saver!

  • Sara DiMatteo
    Sara DiMatteo

    i think i could really use this.

  • Candace Olander
    Candace Olander


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Belle Dangles Jewelry Organizers: Display and organize your jewelry and accessories and keep them easy to find and untangled. #Jewelry_Organizer #belledangles

  • Crystal Koo
    Crystal Koo

    I need this bad!!

  • Lisa Sherwood
    Lisa Sherwood

    Love this!

  • Manon Demers
    Manon Demers

    Love it....

  • Sherry Carballo Mather
    Sherry Carballo Mather

    I need this now!!

  • Angie Willett
    Angie Willett

    I have this, very convenient but takes up alot of room

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Keep track of your bobby pins with an upcycled Tic Tac container. #Bobby_Pins #Tic_Tac

  • Ashly Atwood
    Ashly Atwood

    i remember when i can never find a bobby pin but this might actually help

  • Alicia Ward
    Alicia Ward

    Great Idea!!!

  • Zuleica Faria
    Zuleica Faria


  • Kristin Durkee
    Kristin Durkee

    @Laura Wozniak and @Nikkita Grace Grimm

  • Carlene Primmer
    Carlene Primmer

    need help finding own boards months back

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Wallpockets by Tim Karoleff #Storage #Wall_Pockets #Tim_Karoleff

I liked this design on #Fab. Wallpockets Chartreuse Set Of 2
  • Barb Moore
    Barb Moore

    Make a bunch for an advent calendar

Upcycled Tire Storage #Storage #Tires

Turn Old Tires into a Storage Bin » Curbly | DIY Design Community
  • PatyandRuben Guerrero
    PatyandRuben Guerrero

    Great idea and it won't rust.What paint did they use?

  • Offie Walker
    Offie Walker

    Used left over latex house paint works great ,

  • Kelly Nolan
    Kelly Nolan

    Very cool idea :)

  • Rebekka Smith
    Rebekka Smith

    i'd be afraid that spiders would like the dark inner pockets. we made a jungle gym out of tractor tires, but the kids stopped playing on it once the big spiders found it

  • Stylebook Closet App
    Stylebook Closet App

    this is also a cool idea for an storage ottoman in a closet

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Mudroom: Love this locker system with the bench seating, the deep drawers and most of the mess hidden. #Mudroom #durasupreme

  • Desiree Dunn
    Desiree Dunn

    this is my favorite one i've seen!

  • Megan Blagdon
    Megan Blagdon

    Would love to have this!!

  • Rhonda L. Snyder
    Rhonda L. Snyder

    I would love to have it too!

  • Tonda Crane
    Tonda Crane


  • Su Sen
    Su Sen

    Have to make place for this one definitely.....

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I have GOT to do this. #Storage #Curling_Iron_Holder

Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius (23 Pics)
  • Glenda Slater
    Glenda Slater

    Great idea.

  • Becky Osborne
    Becky Osborne

    Great idea!

  • Brandy Riddle
    Brandy Riddle

    I love that idea!

  • Lynn Hollaway
    Lynn Hollaway

    Excellent ide.

  • Ava Buck
    Ava Buck

    This is a great idea...thanks, honey!

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