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Inspirational Geekery

Inspirational Geekery

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My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

beautiful- Katara Reinterpretation

In Need of Motivation - colored version!

Captain Phasma - by Phil Noto

Your Nice New Outfit | Captain Phasma - Happy Star Wars Day everyone!...

Star trek Warhol inspired soup cans

The MirrorTribble, Star Trek original series POP ART SOUP CANS framed...

Be a true fan and get paid to blog about Star Wars! www.icmarketingfu...

Star Wars Cookies with Common Cutters

Ear Biting Chain Chomps Super Mario Earrings

"As you wish" Princess Bride cross-stitch

Diskworld amigurmi ftw

VISOR ring sterling silver by eyephoriadesign on Etsy

VISOR ring sterling silver

Man Proposes To Girlfriend During "Star Trek" Cast Photo Op - LOL Will Wheaton. This man knows what's up.

Man Proposes To Girlfriend During "Star Trek" Cast Photo Op

Become Thor!

Remember, in case of emergency…

Love these two nerds. ♥




*Crying because this gingerbread Enterprise is so flippin' amazing*

Victoria's Closet | the USS Gingerprise

Rocking tauntauns (If someone knows who the source/creator is, please let us know!)

Way Cooler Than Rocking Horses | Geek Crafts

Tomorrow is Yesterday

Tomorrow is Yesterday

These Mucha-Inspired Disney Princesses Are Stunning

Elsa cosplaying as Jack Frost, and Jack Frost cosplaying as Elsa. This is golden.

Incredible T'pring cosplay by love-squad.devian... on @deviantART

Star Trek TOS-Vulcan princess by love-squad on deviantART


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Prankskaban…

Frozen Elsa, Brave Tangled, Tangled Dragons, Gingers United, Funny Bones, Frozen Dragons, Jelsa Comics, Jack Frostings, Disney Cruises

Ice-solation by VanillaKeyblade on deviantART
  • Amanda Hudson
    Amanda Hudson

    I haven't seen Frozen, but this made me laugh.

  • Jane Burson
    Jane Burson

    Awww...I know it's popular now to hate on it, but frozen is adorable. I've been singing songs from it all morning.

  • Amanda Hudson
    Amanda Hudson

    Not hating on frozen, just slow to catch up on my animated movies. And I'm sure your co-workers love you ;)

Joining a fandom. So accurate.

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Bill Nye The Science Guy