Studio Sjoesjoe: My sketch book

stamp design idea - More doodles! NOTE: Inspires me to describe my day using doodles in my art journal

Street Art

First Ceramic Artist to use a tattoo machine on Ceramics ceramictattooart.

people in perspective

Drawing Figures & People in Perspective Drawing with One Point Two Point Perspective Techniques to Draw the Illusion of 3 Dimensional Objects on Paper

Cheat sheet

Made this cheat sheet to help teach myself guitar. Thought someone else might find it useful.

Cheat sheet for teaching oneself how to play the guitar.This was made by anchor studio. This image shows a paper that helps you to learn alone how to play the guitar

Ophelia by Michael Talbot .

Beautifully Oxidized Bronze Sculptures of Elongated Women- London-based artist Michael James Talbot creates beautiful sculptures of elongated women inspired by Greek mythology and Venetian masquerades.

Foodblog met eenvoudige, heerlijke, vaak snelle en kindvriendelijke recepten. Duidelijk uitgelegd met veel foto's.

Good food with Marlon: Curry soup and curry sauce

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