Funny Confession Ecard: I thought I was losing weight, but it turned out my sweatpants had come untied.

ribbon wrapped, flower applied flip flops ~so cute.  I MIGHT actually do this!

ribbon wrapped, flower applied flip flops ~so cute. I knew buying tons of old navy flip flops was going to be a good idea!

I see a BUNCH of new flip flops in my future!!! Why didn't I think of this?

Cute way to dress up plastic flops- Ribbon wrapped flip flops. No, craft for a big footed woman who always has to have men flip flops.

flower scarf

felt flower scarf FYI - She sells these so it's not a tutorial, but she does have other stuff too.

Flip Flop Bows how to

diy / Pimp your FlipFlop

Ribbon and Bow Wrapped Old Navy Flip Flops - I used "flip flop glue" (yes, there is such a thing!) and a pre-made hair bow. They won't last more than a month or two, but they are cheap and fun.

Color Matching Loose Chiffon Shirt

Buy Stylish Scoop Neck Irregular Stripe Print Colormatching Chiffon Plus Size Blouse For Women at Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Jenny Striped / J.Crew

striped cotton top / j.crew I have to stop buying stripes but this is oh so cute


Céline Mini Luggage With Canvas And Calfskin Muti-color Tote Bag