Shape matching quiet book page

Shape matching quiet book page. can think of at least a handful of kids I would love to make this for!

quiet book - seasonal tree

this is a page from a quiet book Serving Pink Lemonade made. The whole thing is amazing, but this page in particular could be used in a lot of different ways for learning about the seasons and trees.

Shaffer Sisters: Quiet book adventures..

Love tractor, dress-up, garden, mr. potato head, piggy bank & barn pages. Apple tree is probably a bit old for a 1 year old.# three apples is missing

Flower quiet book page

Quiet Book: Flower page, make it so flowers can be buttoned on. with a pocket (shaped like a watering can or bucket) on the page to hold the flowers

* Quiet Book Pages:  lock and key, magnet maze, buckles and more

Little Hands, Big Work: An Addition to the Busy Book family: Bitty Busy Book. Love the key & lock idea.

Bumble Bee Lacing Maze Quiet Book Page

I have made some of her stuff! Just love these quiet books! Maybe I need to make one special for baby Bumble Bee Lacing Maze Quiet Book Page

quiet book ideas

(quiet activity book) "keep kids busy ~ great ideas for quiet time book" I promise you, quiet time will only last as long as it takes to pinch a finger in one of these plastic buckles. just sayin'

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