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26 Mind-Blowing Hacks to Get Flawless Eyelashes Every Time


Goodbye ugly feet!!!! You need: A small bucket, 1 cup of hot or warm water, 1/2 cup listerine and 1/2 cup white vinegar. Put your feet for 15 minutes or 30 minutes.


Skin Care Dos and Don’ts

Skin Care Dos and Don'ts; This website also has tons of other tips and directions for making homemade skin care products.


How To Use Almond Oil To Reduce Dark Circles?

natural teeth whiteners

who doesn't want pearly whites? with natural toothpastes (without all the bleaching chemicals), some people notice their teeth aren't as white anymore. so what do you do? turn to chemicals? NO! :) ...

Gentle Coconut Milk Soap

Coconut Milk Soap: olive oil, soy bean oil (or olive oil), coconut oil, shea butter, lard, castor oil, stearic acid (or round the lard up to superfat (aka lye discount) - Per oils: 1 tbsp white kaolin clay, 1 tbsp coconut milk powder

25 Beauty Steals Bloggers Are Loving

25 Beauty Steals Bloggers Are Loving P.S This stuff is absolutely fabulous and doesn't drastically change the color of your lips. And it smells exactly like a rose without being too powerful. Try it if you haven't. Under 5 dollars at drugstores/walmart.

7 Types Of Acne… This is really helpful but I also love the names.