mano kellner, art boxes, all of may 2012

assemblage boxes -mano k. art boxes, this is an awesome idea for a collection - this can lower the pressure people feel to make something perfect when they know they have multiple chances.

twenty-five | altered matchbox art - Kaija of Paperiaarre

⌼ Artistic Assemblages ⌼ Mixed Media, Journal, Shadow Box, Small Sculpture Collage Art - Paperiaarre: twenty-five matchboxes, great display for minis as well

Gulya Alekseeva - "Carousel"

Paper mache sculpture "Carousel" by Gulya Alekseeva

Tom Haney makes mechanical prop art and toys using assemblage techniques. He is inspired by inventors such as the Wright brothers. "Some of my earliest memories are of creating things (toys, games, etc.), and I've also always been fascinated with anything mechanical, often taking household items apart, much to my parents' disapproval."

Atlanta sculptor Tom Haney, maker of one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted automata, kinetic art, mechanical sculpture and other works of modern folk art.

mano kellner, art boxes, all of november 2012

mano's welt: kunstschachteln 339 - 345 Art Boxes, could use match boxes

vintage girls shrine

Propensity to Hope and Joy assemblage.

Joseph Cornell's 'Observatory: Corona Borealis Casement' (1950)

Joseph Cornell's cabinets of wonder at SFMOMA

"Fly Away Home," Crank-Operated Work by Tom Haney

Apple crate to mini puppet theatre - "Fly Away Home," Crank-Operated Work by Tom Haney

Tom Haney

Dubious, automata, handmade electronic moving sculpture with found materials, 29

Porcelain clothes by Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng.

Gettin' Jiggy With Porcelain