Art Déco Bataclan Poster, Bataclan, 50 Boulevard Voltaire, Paris XI (1920s).

La Danse des Libellules (Dance of the Dragonflies) Operetta. Poster by Jose de Zamora Paris. Vintage French theatre advertising art poster for the Ba-Ta-Clan Opérette-Revue.

Curiosidades de Andalucía: Cartel de las fiestas del Corpus de Granada, de 1921 / Curiosities of Andalucía: Poster of the Corpus festivities in Granada, 1921

Granada Royal Festival poster, 1921 Just look how fast the Art Deco era travelled from France to the US, to Spain, around the world in less than 10 years time.

Vintage poster for Casino de Paris

Casino De Paris, Le Grande Revue - Vintage Cabaret & Showgirls Posters, Art, and Prints

Vintage poster for the Casino girls

"Casino Girls" ~ 1923 vintage sheet music cover Art Deco flappers illustrated by Willy Herzig.

Vintage poster for the Folies-Bergère

La Loie Fuller, Folies Bergere,Vintage Poster, by Jean de Paleologue