Craft -- Halloween -- Witch skirt... unbelievable awesome Halloween tutu for grown-ups!

Now ill have an excuse to wear s tutu :) Craft -- Halloween -- Witch skirt. unbelievable awesome Halloween tutu for grown-ups!

Witch brooms out of pretzels and string cheese.

Escobas de bruja de queso para Halloween

Not a Trick: 13 Healthy Halloween Treats. How cute are these pretzel witch brooms? Made with string cheese and pretzel sticks, they’re an easy (and healthy) Halloween party snack.

halloween kids activities

Halloween Party Activities & Crafts

Haunted Halloween Forest Candy Centerpiece - great idea for a spooky Halloween party! Make this table topper out of black licorice, candy corn, and frosted graham crackers!

glow-in-the-dark ring toss

Over 9031 people liked this! Looking for a great night time party idea for the kids? Summer fun Ideas, such as this Glow Stick Ring Toss are fun ways to stay active outdoors on a summer night.

Halloween Party Candy Corn Banner - out of a cheap paper plate - so neat!

Halloween Party Candy Corn Banner

Cheesecloth Spirits - Martha Stewart Halloween

Cheesecloth Spirits

Cheesecloth Spirits using styrofoam mannequin heads, place eye hook at the top of head then fishing line to hang. (and I never know what to do with my styrofoam mannequin heads!

30+ Halloween Party Food Ideas

30+ Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween Party Food Ideas ~ Turn your food and beverages into awesome Halloween themed food to serve at your party!- taco dip idea is cute

101 Fun Things to Do This Fall

101 Fun Things to Do This Fall.check out this link! A light pumpkin spice frappe recipe I couldn't pin (for some reason) lurks behind this link, along with many other fun fall ideas!

Halloween Recipes everything from edibles to scary props

Witches Brew (root-beer floats from a “steaming” cauldron). Root Beer Extract, Sugar, Dry Ice (from grocery) Large Cauldron Metal Bowl (fits inside cauldron). NOTES: Dry ice can cause glass bowls to break. Never touch dry ice with bare hands.

Spray Painted Pumpkin.

DIY Prettified Pumpkin DIY Fall Crafts DIY Halloween Decor - might be cool to spray paint over lace!

Spray starch ghost. Drape gauze over a ghost "form" (liter bottle for body, Styrofoam head, wire for arms), spray with starch, allow to dry.

Floating Ghost: styrofoam ball, cheesecloth, coat hanger and some spray starch. Make form from coke bottle, hanger & styrofoam ball. Spray with starch.Let Dry