Sugar Scrubs

Sugar Scrubs

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Learn how to make a beautiful Exfoliating Lavender Sugar Scrub with this simple and quick recipe

Exfoliating Lavender Sugar Scrub Recipe
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Candy cane sugar scrub with real candy canes. So cute!

Candy Cane Sugar Scrub
  • Joanmary Lavitz
    Joanmary Lavitz

    very nice!

  • Debra Singletary
    Debra Singletary

    Oh yeah....I've got to try that this year.

gingerbread sugar scrub Gingerbread Sugar Scrub + FREE Printable Gift Tag

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Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub

Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub
  • Kris Clark
    Kris Clark

    Gonna try this!

  • Laine Risser
    Laine Risser

    Im going to make this tonight!!!!

DIY Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub- this stuff seriously smells like a candy cane and leaves your skin super smooth!

Sparkle & Mine: My Favorite DIY Spa Recipes!
  • Rebecca Breiman
    Rebecca Breiman

    I just got a gift of sugar scrub for mother's day- time to make my own without the chemicals!

  • Penelope Sahara
    Penelope Sahara

    so do you make it????/

DIY Gingersnap Homemade Body Scrub Recipe

DIY Gift Idea – Gingersnap Body Scrub

Moisturizing Coconut Vanilla Body Scrub....few simple ingredients coarse sugar, vanilla, sea salt & coconut oil!

Coconut Vanilla Body Scrub
  • Hanna Elle
    Hanna Elle

    Thank you for sharing this! I just made it and it's amazing! It smells sooooo good:)

  • Penelope Sahara
    Penelope Sahara

    yeah...awesome.....but how much of you just guess?

Pumpkin Scrub

Pumpkin Foot Scrub
  • Penelope Sahara
    Penelope Sahara

    how do u make it?

  • Emmy Bailey
    Emmy Bailey

    how do u make it

DIY Brown Sugar & Vanilla Lip Polish

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Whipped Sugar Scrub. This sounds more like a desert than a skincare product!

Chic and Green: DIY Wednesday: Bath Whip & Foaming Scrub

Best Body Scrub tutorial and recipes list I've found... explanations & many variations to get creative with

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Pumpkin Spice Sugar Body Scrub.jpg

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Body Scrub

coffee sugar scrub Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe + FREE Gift Tag Printable!

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Homemade Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe. Easy holiday gift idea!

My Frugal Adventures

DIY Pumpkin Scrub.....

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Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub

Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub

Peppermint Shower Cubes!

Peppermint Shower Cubes - Bulk Apothecary Blog

DIY raspberry lemon sugar scrub in etched glass jars (recipe + tutorial). Great homemade gift idea!

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Homemade Sugar Cookie Scrub! Inexpensive yet luxurious gift idea! Easy too! Everything is in the kitchen for this!

Sugar Cookie Scrub - Coupons and Freebies Mom

This Homemade Mint Sugar Scrub is easy to make and a great DIY gift idea!

DIY Mint Sugar Scrub & Holiday Gift Ideas

Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe + FREE Gift Label!

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Winter Spice Sugar Scrub

All-natural winter sugar scrub

DIY Body Scrub Recipe - Debbie May's Best Ever Peppermint Body Scrub. Click on image for recipe!!

Debbie's "Best Ever" Peppermint Scrub - WholesaleSuppliesPlus

DIY Sugar Cube Scrub: Easy to make w a few ingredients. These make a wonderful gift in a spa themed basket or give a cellophane bag full tied w a pretty ribbon as a Valentine treat for your girlfriends. Can even use a heart mold. ♥

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DIY sugar scrubs

let birds fly: DIY SUGAR SCRUB