It really works lol

Teach Cat To Pop In The Toilet, Someone Figured Out A Way

Life hacks: How to Teach Your Cat to Poop in the Toilet. This might come in handy for when I'm a crazy cat lady.

cat shelves

If you don’t have room for cat towers, or just don’t like their aesthetic, cat shelves are a great alternative. The cat shelves double as modern art.

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Als ik tijd over heb! Voor op de zoldertrap :)

Cat play rooms full of kitten toys, cat trees and cat wall shelves. all the diy cat stuff a "Crazy Cat Lady" and his/her feline friends could ever want.

Don't MAKE Me Come All The Way Up There!

Cat tree your apartment @ Home DIY Remodeling -i've always wanted something like this. Cats need to climb. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

{cat House} A Cat's Wildest Dreams Come True. Vous pouvez faire vous-même cette Installation d'arbre à chats. Indispensable pour les chats d'appartement dont des études concordantes démontrent qu'un CHAT SOLITAIRE en APPARTEMENT a tendance à DEPRIMER et GROSSIR.

{cat House} A Cat's Wildest Dreams Come True. This is also a Crazy Cat Lady's Wildest dream come true. I want things like this for the cats.

My cats request that you pack this up and send it to them immediately.

The 20 Best Cat Towers

Lifelike Mature Large Cat Tree Houses-- For Funky Kittie and the babies!

dog crate cover by Eclecticvv1

Stylish Solution to Unsightly Pet Crates - I've made my own custom crate covers w/ matching pillows. My dog loves his.

Life Hacks for Cat Owners

Here's a cool DIY idea for a cat enrichment toy. Glue together a group of toilet paper rolls inside a tissue box and randomly fill the tubes with treats. Your cat will be stimulated when they "hunt" for a treat. So simple and inexpensive.

Anyone out there wanna try this?  I do!

cat walk - What a wonderful idea for cat lovers. Cats just love climbing up high, this is brilliant.

Funny pictures about Tiny Bed Of Grass. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny Bed Of Grass. Also, Tiny Bed Of Grass photos.

Amazing Creativity: Cat bed. Mount a basket to the wall with brackets and add a scratching board and blanket for this cute little day bed

A diy cat project so easy even the laziest of pinners can do it TONIGHT in less than 10 minutes! Wicker basket + folded up blanket = BOOM! If the basket is sturdy could you hang on wall?