green and white bouquet

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White peonies in beautifully diffused light

Bahamas Wedding by James Christianson Photographer

I want an empty vase on the head table so my bouquet can be the center piece once we go into the reception. I also want 6 empty vases for the bridesmaids to put their bouquets in on their table.

White Lily and Rose Wedding Bouquet

White Lily and Rose Wedding Bouquet instead of white roses, add a darker color flower to make the white lilies pop.

Cascade Bridal Bouquet  ~ CE♥

Cascade Bridal Bouquet White flowers such as roses, mini callas, stehanotis and orchid create this simple but elegant bridal bouquet ---again, cascading bouquet.


Brides: A Whimsical Bright Pink Bouquet. A whimsical pink wedding bouquet, created by Connecticut florist Jackie's Flowers.

White peonies

Los Angeles Wedding by Kristeen LaBrot Events + Floataway Studios

What a gorgeous bouquet!

The soft pastel colors give this bouquet a classic feel, but the scabiosa pods and lambs ear makes it look more modern.

White bouquet with lily of the valley

This is the Lilies of the Valley bouquet. Lilies of the Valley symbolize future happiness. (We chose this because Archer always gets Them for May) “The bridesmaids' eight bouquets of white lilac and lilies-of-the-valley had been sent in due time,”

The colors are gorgeous!

Beach Déjeuner Photo Shoot by Hello Darling & Amanda Hein Photography


Los Angeles Wedding by Erin Hearts Court


Wedding Quotes : Picture Description Brides Trailing wedding bouquet, White roses, white lilies and white singapore orchids.