Hanging shoe racks are perfect as a cleaning supplies holder!

Basement bathroom door for cleaning supplies. Kitchen to basement door for pantry items. Back of girls' door for barbies. Inside girls' closet for shoes. Inside my closet door for belts and scarves. Entry door for shoes, mittens, etc.

Closet Office

A "cloffice" (closet office) can be a surprisingly practical solution for those who need to work from home but don't have the extra space to devote to sprawling out. This one is by Melissa Massello of Shoestring Magazine.

Home #Organization #Crafts to Fall in Love With - http://www.homelifeabroad.com/house-garden/organization/home-organization-crafts/

IHeart Organizing: DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers Cover cereal box bottoms with scrapbook paper or wrapping paper (even duct tape!) and use as drawer dividers.

Tips and products for emergency situations

If you are scheduling an outdoor activity, emergency survival guide is very critical to acknowledge emergency survival tips and tricks. Traumas come out unexpectedly and we need to be prepared ahead of time.

The Workspace at The Top of The Stairs

Today's featured workspace is open and airy, despite being a very narrow, small space. The owners of this two-family row house in Brooklyn put the office at the top of the stairs where more light and air would come through.

store cables in CD spindles

DIY : what to do with empty cd/dvd spindles .Store items that can wrap around the spindle like all those blasted Ethernet and cable cords!