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Light Hearts and Deep Thoughts

God's answer to your sad sayings and sighs. A nice chart showing you where to find the BIBLE VERSE PROOF that God never leaves you alone. incl Joshua 1 and Matthew end.

I really love this.

I notice that one bird because if everyone is doing it it probably ain't the best thing especially if its easy. That bird is my hero!


A Nurses Prayer Sterling Silver Heart Necklace Personalised/Engraved via Etsy - I want this for when I graduate nursing school!

If Plan A didn't work....the alphabet has 25 more letters. Stay cool. #smiles

If 'Plan A' didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters! If ‘Plan A’ didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters!

Native American Indian Wisdom #Native Inspired

Native American Indian Wisdom Native Inspired history I think this is so honest. Honesty is beauty.

Clothing/T-shirt: I'm Not Saying I'm Cinderella I'm Just Saying No One Has Ever Seen Me and Cinderella in the Same Room Together T-shirt

Horse Quotes

This is so true. "The more you use the reins, the less they use their brains." Ease up and bond with their thoughts. The riders hands are not to control the horse but to feel the horses thoughts.

Embrace change.

Butterflies and change quote. NEED to remember this with all the changes going on for us at the moment. be cute with a caterpillar transitioning into a butterfly

I must look like the milky way then..!

My mom bought me a framed picture with this saying. It always made me feel better when people were picking on my freckles. I love this saying and my freckles now!