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Edge of curtains... old doilies... or new ones...LOVE thread doilies ~!~

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Denim and Doilies: A Delightful Dichotomy


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Photo by Rob Pam

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Ravelry: Sweet Pea Crinoline Girl Doily (Item #0489) pattern by Cylinda Mathews

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Vintage crochet pattern pdf - irish rose doily - pattern 8

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Vintage Irish Rose doily

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Delightful Doily Inspiration!

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Doily couch applique, brilliant!

Delightful Doily Inspiration!



Quot Онлайн

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Салфетка крючком "Вдохновение" - Онлайн-журнал о вязании и кулинарии

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Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников

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gingerli's Pineapple Centerpiece

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1329203288_shema-vyazaniya-salfetki-10.jpg (1152×968)

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Szydełkomania: Serwetki


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DIY : Lace Doily Bowl - pretty holder for jewelry

DIY Lace Doily Bowl - Free People Blog

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The ultimate heart shaped & lace chair ~ sweet~❥

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Crafting a Green World | DIY: Natural Fabric Stiffeners | Page: 2 | Crafting a Green World

DIY: Natural Fabric Stiffeners - Crafting a Green World

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Not being a doily fan, I'm thinking of other uses for this pretty pattern. Design by Patricia Hewitt - 'Petite Pineapple' - pattern is free here:

My first doily - CROCHET

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Filigree Bowl FREE pattern, oh the possibilities! thanks so xox

Filigree Bowl Crochet Pattern | Red Heart

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Doily # 6 Pattern - from Patricia Kristoffersen (via Ravelry)

Doily # 6 pattern by Patricia Kristoffersen