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These edgings will help you put that special personal touch on any item you wish or help finish off an item that you have worked so hard on. Happy edging!!

Use pipe cleaners to make your crochet 'bendable' {i.e.make bunny ears and flower stems stand up...could use craft/floral wire also}

Tons of beautiful border diagrams here! I really like the top one here. It looks like a mountain top just filled with flowers. ✿ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ✿

Free crochet pattern:

  • virginia ellis

    Anyone have a pearl and lace edging pattern (crochet)

  • Janet Marie

    @ Virginia ~ Look on my crochet jewelry board maybe... I don't have time to hunt right now but there might be something on there or my crochet jewelry boards... I also have a pearls board on my jewelry boards... they are marked with a " ~ " before the board name. Just scroll down and you will find them in a group. Hope you find something. If I find something I will pin a link here for you.

learn ... Crochet edging tutorial. Yes! I've been wondering how to do this!

amazing collection of edgings.

How to crochet edging on flannel blankets

How to sew on a foundation stitch for crochet edge

Groovyghan by Tracy St. John. I might use the circle in a square part and the edging.

Leather 'Basket' with a puff stitch crocheted edging

Crochet edging many patterns

Pretty edging

  • Sharon Victoria

    Will you share the directions for the edging?

  • Janet Marie

    If you click on the picture and go to the site you can scroll down and will see she says the edging is from Doris Chan's "All Shawl" pattern (Ravelry link).. I didn't go there but if you need further help let me know ~!~

  • Sharon Victoria

    Thank you - I found it Doris Chan's pattern for the shawl. It looks lacier and more delicate with the thread you used on the wedding afghan. I have been looking to make a granny square afghan for myself (I have one my grandmother made many, many year ago - background in black - and if you don't mine... I would like to make one similar to yours (more pastel) using the same edging. Would you mind sharing the thread weight? I wonder if yard would work as well. Again, thank you so much for responding. Victoria

  • Sharon Victoria

    Wowie - I should have reread my reply before I sent it... sure has a lot of mistakes. Sorry.

  • Janet Marie

    Sharon you're fine. We all have to learn the in's and out's of things. There are many people who don't know to click on the picture to take you to more about the pinned item. Sometimes it brings you nowhere but many times you can go right to it. I hate the ones that bring you to a blog and the pin was made a month or so ago and you have to go back through everything. THAT is a lot of time and effort for a pin. The women who made the afghan is named Ellen Bloom and she used mostly Vanna's Choice and Red Heart acrylic yarn for this granny-ghan; size "I" crochet hook. Let me know how you make out with the afghan.~!~

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