No idea...don't ask me.

Five pictures that make less sense than #GamerGate

To Knit or To Crochet? ;-)

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Being a crocheter is sorta like being a magician. You mumble to yourself while wiggling a stick around, and other people have no idea how you did it.

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Stashes are deeply personal. | 18 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Knitting, @Michelle Flynn Flynn Adamson-Brandt

18 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Knitting



Pretty much sums it up.

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7 Free MUSTACHE Crochet Patterns! Easy and Fab!

7 Free MUSTACHE Crochet Patterns

Great Big Canvas Eat Sleep Repeat Crochet by Kate Lillyson Textual Art on Canvas

Comparing Crochet Making an Ottoman or Pouf Crochet Pattern

Annoo's Crochet World: Crochet Humor

Annoo's Crochet World: Crochet Humor


Crochet Funnies

Love Crochet? Then Click The Image To Buy It Now or Tag Someone You Want To Buy This For.

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When you're knitting you've got rows and rows of yarn to get through. Sometimes well stay up so late that you keep telling yourself you'll go to bed after this one last row. This shirt is great for the yarn addict who can't stop making their crafts even if it means losing sleep.

HUMAN | Well-designed + Affordable T-Shirts, Art Prints, Posters, & Accessories

enough said

Mymlen og My: Hekla trekk til lyslykt og enda ett teppe

#Crochet Glasses

Little Things Blogged: {The Yarn Over List - Yellowy Spring}

Crochet Gimli hat! LOTR -- LOL.

Gimli Inspired Helmet and Beard LOTR

I Wish I Was Felicia. Hipster shirts, Graphic tees, Ironic shirts, Funny shirts, find these and more at Your vending machine for custom tee shirts.

Coffee Cats And Crochet

Whoever started this civil uprising is awesome and talented and has great delayed-gratification skills

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Yarn lover's bouquet.... one way for someone who doesn't crochet or knit to get yarn flower's... the only thing it's missing is to stick a set of knitting needles in or a crochet funny ~!~

LesleyKnitsPretty's A Good Yarn Bouquet

Perfect. Si je pouvais être derrière ces pelotes...

Photo - sunflower

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Not Your Grandma's Knitting: 20 Incredible Yarn Bombs

Hot beverages and yarn – two great ways to stay warm during the winter.

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Funny Crochet Bag canvas yarn bag by KellyConnorDesigns on Etsy, £13.75

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A crochet dilemma - so true!! So true for knitting projects. That is why I HAVE to buy new yarn for every new project or pattern.

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Yarn stashing is an epidemic afflicting an untold number of knitters and crocheters. Save yourself with this handy flowchart brought to you by Amusing Yarns!

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