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Mushrooms are a natural part of the little worlds in the forest. They are all over the woods and come and go as quickly and quietly as the little people that tip toe through the forest. So to have an abundance of them is only natural. I've collected both the man made and the God made kind so we didn't all get stuck making only red and white ones. There are so many PRETTY mushrooms to be made. Hope you enjoy the vast collection as I do.
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11 Creative Mushroom Projects for your Garden...


11 Creative Mushroom Projects for your Garden...

**A new species of fungi coloured an almost fluorescent pink with a highly surprising form. Podoserpula miranda , named by its discoverers for its remarkable splendour


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Waxcap fungi

The endangered Violet Coral fungus (Clavaria zollingeri) found everywhere except Africa and Polynesian islands. -kc


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A little zipper and felt mushroom brooch

Moon Night Mushroom (Tsukiyotake) - Omphalotus japonicus A spectacular photo of the bioluminescent fruiting bodies of the mushrooms scientifically named Omphalotus japonicus (Marasmiaceae), glowing in...


Nature and more: Moon Night Mushroom (Tsukiyotake) - Omphalotus...

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