.what my hair will look like when my roots grow out that much.. Except my roots are lighter.

The boho chic style is one of the defining styles of spring. A cross between bohemian and hippie looks, it converges the best of both fashion worlds.

Remember when Baby Boomers drove these bans?  Good old times!  http://twitter.com/navboomermedia  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Navigate-Boomer-Media/132868483424176

Volkswagon Van :: VDUB :: VW bus :: Volkswagen Camper :: The perfect vintage travel companion for the beach, surf, camping + summer road trips :: Free your Wild :: See more van travel style & inspiration

Someday I'm going to own a van like this and bring my kids to school in it to embarrass the hell out of them, and I will love every second. Hell, I'll probably live in this van ;)

These VW bus campers are sure to awaken the travel bug in you and make you wish you were on the open road. I would love to take a long road trip across the country

Cute Flower Power VW Transporter, Volkswagen minibus VW Van Type 1

Cute Flower Power VW Transporter, Volkswagen minibus VW Van Type 1 Must have when I get a car

Growing up, i always wished that i could be reborn in the 60s so that i could grow up to be a hippie. :) a girl can dream right?

Hippie vibes with a vw camper van, perfect glamping for any festival.

1960 hippies  we need some 21st hippies to keep the movement towards peace going!

An important aspect of the hippies movement was the anti-war protest. Many people were against the war, and this was shown in the music of many popular bands

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