Jannik Danielsen

Jannik Danielsen

Jannik Danielsen
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As the size of a home gets smaller and smaller, it seems logical for the comfort to decrease as well, right? Well, that's not necessarily true. In fact, sm

Compact table for a small kitchen. Functional idea, with variations of course. I wonder if they make it in an outdoor version. Or maybe use it as an island in a kitchen? That would save space!

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35 Awesome Bars Made Out of Reclaimed Wooden Pallets Best of Pallet Projects Pallet Bars. I'm making one of these except I think mine will be stained and will have slate ceramic tile top.

Rustic wooden USA cutout made from pallet wood by crtcreative

NEUTRAL WALL ART: Rustic wooden USA cutout made from pallet wood por crtcreative. Perfect for selling house staging.