My feels....!!!!!!!

I actually cried reading this if I were the girl in the story I would die if that happened this show was my escape from my life and it brought me so many tears of happiness and joy. This just shows how much fandoms mean to people

I would die

I walk down the crowded sidewalk when I feel someone grab my arm. He is a man with a tan jacket, a tie, and a blue shirt. I'm the Doctor. I need your help so just keep walking and I will explain everything later.

Doctor Who.

Meet Dexter

First time watching Doctor Who. vs watching Doctor Who now.this is a very sad form of true

"Rose Tyler and the Doctor Doctor Who. GO ahead, make me cry until I rip a hole in Time and Space." <== It was so sad when rose got trapped D:


Of course Mulder would believe in the Doctor I BELIEVE Doctor Who tardis i want to by bigbadrobot I want this framed in my house now!

Doctor Who Inspired Gallifreyan 1" Pendant Gunmetal Necklace

Doctor Who Inspired Gallifreyan Pendant Gunmetal Necklace. These would make sweet tattoos

I think the real question here is: why were they searching "should I kill someone, or have a cup of tea" in the first place? "When he's bored he pretend to be internet.

Reasons Doctor Who fans are the best: Reason 18: Even their tattoos are clever.

26 Reasons "Doctor Who" Fans Are The Best

#DoctorWhoChallenge Day 25: Favorite catchphrase- without a doubt 'Allons-y!' I love how it's so useful in everyday, a fun way to say a common phrase and I often use it myself. It was the perfect catchphrase for Ten, too.

Allons-y! - Doctor Who David Tennant TeeFury Tee Shirt - ML Mens Large

Let's go! -- Seriously thinking about getting this as a tattoo on my foot. Minus the sonic screwdriver.

Tim Burton style Doctor Who!!! This is amazing!!!!

Tim Burton Meets DOCTOR WHO in These Reimagined Doctors

Doctor Burton 10 by MichaelthePure ~ two of my favourites things together, doctor who and tim burton style :)

I love you. Written in Circular Gallifreyan (Doctor Who)

[Another pinner said: "I love you", written in Circular Gallifreyan. Maybe a large embroidery piece as a wall hanging- normal people can see abstract art, we'll see something really special.] I love the idea of embroidering Gallifreyan!

Allons-y. The 10th Doctor. A reminder to just keep moving through life on your own big adventure

You guys like my new tattoo? Inspired by my favorite Doctor ;]

TARDIS Mini Fridge

12 'Doctor Who' gifts for the Time Lord (or Lady) in your life