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Sydne Didier
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Spot the woman! Japanese artist's exhibition on camouflage is mind-bendingly…

Japanese artist’s exhibition on camouflage is mind-bendingly awesome

In celebration of 50 years of its iconic Onitsuka Tiger Stripes, the heritage…

Earn your stripes: Onitsuka Tiger celebrates 50 years

Kazuki Yamamoto, from Okayama Prefecture, Japan, has perfected the craft of making animals out of frothy milk. His most popular work is a cat reaching into a second cup to catch fish.

The daily grind: Japanese barista crafts milky animals into coffee which customers say are

Sleep alone, but with your friends.

Japanese company Doppelgänger designed the Crazy X Tent, which is a communal tent that sleeps four people, designed to evoke the experience of childhood forts in nature.

Single-person sleeping areas connected by a common space give you a living room in the great outdoors.

X-shaped four-person tent lets you and your friends camp together, sleep separately

Limited Edition Monopoly Is Like A Hayao Miyazaki Film

traditional craft - The latest Japanese take on the popular children’s board game Monopoly creatively honors the traditional craft and arts scene as promoted by .

Tokyo-based architecture firm Kengo Kuma and Associates made its own, minimalist version of Lego bricks. Kengo Kuma and Associates

Kengo Kuma & Associates has created a modelling kit made up of triangular-shaped wooden pieces, which has been described as the Japanese alternative to Lego


Amezaiku designates the ancient Japanese art of making realistic animal lollipops. Some delicate creations whose origin dates back over 1200 years, and that