Buttons In The Attic

Buttons In The Attic

Northern Nevada / Happily married to my best friend. I have a prim Etsy store and I am working on one that has child friendly items too
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Easy Pressure Cooker Beef and Broccoli Recipe that is a CINCH to make!!!! I can see why this recipe is so popular!

This is a handy guide to show you the functions of each instant pot button. Learn which button to use for different types of cooking. #beselfreliant

This quick and easy KEY LIME COOKIES recipe requires simple ingredients. These zesty key lime sugar cookies or key lime cooler cookies are sugary and crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside From cakewhiz.com

This stunning layered chicken bacon ranch salad is a riff on a classic 7 layer salad. It features layers of green leaf lettuce, peppers, corn, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, roast chicken and crumbled bacon. All dressed in a creamy homemade salad dressing. It’s not only beautiful to look at but it’s a meal all on...Read More »