Here or stairs - doesn't really matter - I think this is a great photo. Hey could have been photography or light, too

Ring Celestial Bliss / J.J. Pan & Partners

International Centre for the Arts Jose de Guimarães by Pitagoras Arquitectos. Shimmering brass walls surround this arts centre that Portuguese firm Pitagoras Arquitectos have just completed in Guimarães.

transition: salk institute by louis i kahn, la jolla, california, 1966 i used to bodyboard on the beach next to this place & now am not sure if i went inside, or imagined it

Christian Science Student Center, Urbana, Illinois, Paul Rudolph, 1966 — Bill Engdahl///// Dedicated to deliver superior interior acoustic experience.

Mayor Emanuel supports Prentice Hospital Demolition

Buro Architecture Melbourne loves the Tadao Ando Architect & Associates designed Chichu Art Museum, Naoshima, Japan, Triangular Court © Tadao Ando photo by Mitsuo Matsuoka