soap packaging

soap on a rope - hole in the middle of the soap and put a rope all the way through and tie on bottom - knot holds it in place substitute brown paper bags

pretty blue and craft paper

秋色の編み糸とガラスの小瓶~ 「ナチュラルな暮らしのヒント」から

♥ DIY wrapping, packaging, gift, christmas, birthday, present, geschenk, verpackung




Brown paper packages, tied up in string. Wine bags, like the brown paper bags that conceal the booze so you can have a good swig on the streets.

ジャムやパンに : プラバン好き必見!白の粘土で作るタグやオーナメントが可愛すぎ - NAVER まとめ

Kylie Johnson (of Paper Boat Press) interview. I love these clay tags for special homemade goodies.

-SUMMER- テトラバッグ(クラフト) - ユニセックスな紙雑貨|KNOOP

-SUMMER- テトラバッグ(クラフト) - ユニセックスな紙雑貨|KNOOP