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Sexist Advertising

Some of the worst offenders when it comes to using violence against women and objectification to sell products and services.

Wonder Bread Date Bait ad. 1968. Trick him into loving you forever with SANDWICHES, because your looks won't last forever!

Holy crap - racist and sexist vintage ad

Hai Karate

When we have to pretend women don't have wrinkles, but it's ok if guys do

Wow, this is disgusting. Violence against women shouldn't be a marketing ploy. | Texas Company Drums Up Business With Fake Abduction Of Woman Tied Up

Back To School with Sexism

Home Depot advertises workshops for people, women and kids.

Elle MacPherson Ad Featuring Disturbing Imagery Has Surfaced

Awesome graphic from someone on Tumblr comparing American Apparel Ads for men and women

Turns out you gals are useful after all! Gee...thanks.

"Husbands stay lovers when you guard against dry, lifeless "middle-age" skin!" Palmolive

The Most Sexist Vintage Ads Ever -

New Roxy Ad Relegates #Women’s Sports to Rolling Around in Bed, Topless | via @BUST Magazine #NotBuyingIt

Another American Apparel fail

2010 ad for Blender, a fashion concept store in Istanbul.

Supreme, the "edgy" skate shop.

Louis Vuitton shoes ad

How American Apparel advertises socks. Seriously.

This pose makes absolute sense selling tires...

"Stacked for convenience"

Yes, women are just like wild animals

"Peel the top off a hottie" campaign for Pot Noodle

"Unforgivable for Men" Ad: Passion or Attack? (click thru for analysis)