(link) STREET ART: From a Chalk Street Art Project of college students in the Philippines. ~~~ socks and sneakers / child / kid knees / pipes ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit ~ have fun!


Awesome Skull & Crossbones on French grave.a pirate perhaps? Freaky cool with the moss growth! I'd like to recreate this somewhere on the property.

17 Flowers You Wont Believe Actually Exist.

Snap Dragon Seed Pod (Antirrhinum) - When in bloom, snap dragon flowers are absolutely beautiful. However, their seed pods look much more macabre, looking like little skulls hanging off a branch.

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this is a mushroom mixed with a ballerina and the mushroom is made to look like it is the ballerinas tutu. everything in the image is black and white apart from the mushroom. the ballerina is out of proportion with the mushroom and the rest of the ground.

I don't know how skeletons can be adorable, but these are!

"Vinegar Dolls" Dead Dolls by William Bezek These skeletal children are tall with fully jointed wooden bodies and sculpted head, hands, and feet. They are dressed in "aged" clothing from another era with bits of vintage trims.

Creepy photos!

Printable Halloween pumpkin Cards Printable three altered Vintage photo cards instant download

17 Flores Extraordinárias Que Parecem Ser Outra Coisa

Creepy skull flower, also known as Darth Vader flower: Aristolochia salvador platensis

JUDITHPDESIGN // Esoteric Inspiration

vintage fortune telling photo from the psychic world sideshow at roll up circus.imelda is actually only trying to warm up her hands after putting her crystal ball in the microwave to's been a cold march hasn't it my lovelies

Victorian Witch.

A thorough guide to hosting a Victorian Halloween party. here you will find tips on hosting an authentic Victorian Halloween celebration.