Sunlight, Safflower

Essay for remembrance day poppy An essay or paper on Remembrance Day. On Remembrance Day we wear the poppy, a blood red flower which grew in the fields.

Photograph Naga Baba by martin prihoda

Naga Baba, photography by Martin Prihoda - A mysterious mystic Saddhu that live alongs the holy Ganges river in Hardwar & Rishikesh, in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas. Powerful, these holy men can cast magical spells, both healing & destructive.

Through the Fog, Prague, Czech Republic

bluepueblo: Through the Fog, Prague, Czech Republic photo via Jose, walking over this magnificent bridge is magical, imaginging it's Czech Republic and prague.

New York at night..

NEW YORK "Light Pollution" Series by Jim Richardson/National Geographic Image Collection. Light pollution and fog combine to blur a New York City skyline.

A Llama in Times Square. New York. 1957. - Inge Morath – Magnum Photos

A Llama in Times Square. New York. 1957

Capturing a pivotal moment in history, or a fleetingly perfect composition, some Magnum photographs become icons.