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an American chica with a love for Latin America & baking..... mixing them both together with besos and amor!
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a glass dish filled with sliced pineapples and coconut
Tropical S'Mack and Cheese
So I've been gone from blogging for a YEAR!...A COMPLETE YEAR!...well actually more than a year if I'm going to be technical.... more like a...
chocolate brownies with peanut butter frosting on a glass plate next to a bottle of jesus milk
chica chocolatina
Sweet Baby Jesus Brownies...brownies infused with all the rich boozy goodness of Sweet Baby Jesus Peanut Butter Porter Beer.
there are brownies on the table with white icing in front of them and text overlay that says tres leches cake
chica chocolatina
rich chocolate brownies soaked and swirled with sweet tres leches cake liquer....Delicioso! #tresleches #brownies #liquor
some food is on a plate with strawberries
28 Delectable Recipes That Are Perfect For A Springtime Brunch
Buzz Feed Post! 28 Delectable Recipe That Are Perfect For A Springtime Brunch!....& Churro Waffles Made the List!
two pastries sitting on top of a metal rack next to doughnuts covered in powdered sugar
12 Foods That Are Even Better With Churros....and my Churro Waffles are on this list!
there is a cupcake with ice cream and sprinkles on it
Bailey's Irish Cream...soaked in cake batter, swirled in the buttercream and drizzled on top! St. Patrick's Day Heaven in a cupcake!
four waffles on a pan with powdered sugar and the words, funnel cake waffles
chica chocolatina
Funnel Cake Waffles...good enough to have a front seat spot at the county fair...and at your breakfast table...seriously the best waffles you ever tasted! #amazing
there is a chocolate doughnut with nuts on it and the words starbucks's hot chocolate doughnut
chica chocolatina
Starbucks Hot Chocolate ....swirled into a warm super easy to make Grands Biscuit Doughnut sprinkled with mini chocolate marshmallows!
some churro sticks sticking out of a cup filled with chocolate sauce and dipping sauce
12 Churro Recipes You Need in Your Life Right Now
12 Churro Recipes You Need in Your Life Right Now features my Churro Waffles on this list!!!! Super Excited!!
hot chocolate meran pumpkin pie ice cream
chica chocolatina
Mexican Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate...a sweet and spicy version of your favorite holiday pie..with a hot new twist....and a bit of Mexican flair!
an ice cream sandwich with red and white toppings is on a plate that says knuckle sandwhich s'mores
chica chocolatina
S'mores stuffed with bloody gummy fingers drizzled with red chocolate blood..S'mores Halloween Style!
there are many different types of candies in the trays with name tags on them
chica chocolatina
a Halloween Treat Tray that is filled with all the Gross and Sweet things that go with Halloween!
grilled pineapple and coconut cupcakes with whipped cream on top are ready to be eaten
chica chocolatina
coconut cupcakes infused and layered with grilled pineapple,swirled with a sweet coconut milk buttercream!
chocolate chip brownies with peanut butter and drizzled in the middle on a cutting board
chica chocolatina
Brownies stuffed with chocolate chips and layered with creamy sweet latin love aka dulce de leche!
marshmallow candy monster pops with chocolate frosting and sprinkles on top
chica chocolatina
Marshmallow Candy Monster Pops- monster sized marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sweet candy love!