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White and wooden house spade shelves, pale pink wall & copper, white skull

the string® pocket, designed by nils strinning 2005. the smallest model of the classic string® shelf.

The String Pocket Shelf was designed by Nisse Strinning for the label String as early as The String Pocket Shelf is a popular classic that convinces us w

Kissen " Feathers " von Bloomingville

Bloomingville Feather Transfers for use on ceramics, glass ,wood, paper or candles

what a simplicity and a space. I just love the system from a Swedish brand named String.  Really useful like this kitchen picture, but you can also use it for your workingspace, bedroom of living.

string® - The timeless shelving system by the Swedish architect Nils Strinning is a truly minimalistic design icon. The super flexible string® system is equally well suited for the modern home and urban compact living as it is for offices.

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