Garden at twilight

With a good landscape patio design, you can actually make your patio into one of the most beautiful areas of your home. To get you started in the right directions, here are some points that you need to remember when doing your landscape patio design.

Inspiration: Old doors instead of garden gates - gallery of ideas

Doors & Windows in the Garden

Old doors instead of garden gates - gallery of ideas. Using barn door hardware, they hung two old doors to mark the entrance to the garden. This style allows a nice wide entry point for getting equipment in and out, and the wood definitely adds old charm.

Rock border path

pathway idea ~ bigger stones keep the gravel in place, gravel allows rain water to drain through. great idea for the path to the vegetable garden

Equisetum Horsetail Plants.... plant in containers to control spread in groups by front fence

Equisetum Horsetail Plants

Love this idea for multiple reasons : - Equisetum grows so quickly and make even the newest newbie of a gardener feel accomplished and happy, - Equisetum can get out of control and the container will prevent that from happening. I am going to plant some E

simpele tuin afscheiding; hergebruik van een lattenbodem

great simple trellis you can attach almost anywhere. Paint it black or any color and knock it up a notch! -hot tub privacy, gardening, landscaping, privacy barrier, DIY trellis Clematis in front yard

vorgarten - gräser

Russian sage, Verbena bonariensis, Mexican Feather grass, Miscanthus, purple and grey plant combination design by Giardino Segreto

The Japanese Courtyard: Grace and Beauty, Conveyed with Great Simplicity

The Japanese Courtyard: Grace and Beauty, Conveyed with Great Simplicity ground covering- Selaginella

japan garten by japanese_inspired_gardens_de, via Flickr

Also, VERY intersting arrangement of the 3 rocks in the center. More equivalently spaced than normal, and unless youre supposed to look at it from the bottom L, also an unusual structure - 3 rocks with 1 tall narrow

Great idea! Hide the downspout by building a trellis around it....

Came across this cracker of an idea to hide those ugly water pipes/rain spouts. Creative and clever. ~ purplehomes: Clever or creative?

Amish Wood Corn Row Urban Chicken Coop | Amish Made Chicken Coops 15040

Amish Wood Corn Row Urban Chicken Coop

Little Cottage Corn Row Chicken Coop - Whether your farming goal is keeping some crops well-fertilized and weed-free or housing a small family of chickens, the Corn Row Coop has you covered.